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Anonymous Make Social Network After Google Plus Rejection

July 18, 2021 | Matt Tran

The hacking group Anonymous are a well known organization throughout the world, although they have a largely negative reputation. As a firm that has a reputation amongst the world’s leading websites, it is no wonder they are refused membership on most social networking sites. Google Plus were the latest site to reject Anonymous from membership so in the end they just decided to make their own.

The online rogues have given their unique social network a rather familiar name, “AnonPlus”. Yeah that’s right, expect a lawsuit from Google anytime now for infringing on their “Google Plus” name. The catch with the Anonymous is that their network is completely uncensored, meaning members can write and upload whatever they want no matter what it is. Anonymous firmly believe in “peacefully protesting” and on their site you will be able to do just that.

Tech Radar reports that all Anonymous members who are registered Gmail users have had their accounts frozen. We also brought you the news a while back which saw the Chinese Government block access to Gmail in the country. After this, Google announced that a phishing attack trying to obtain information from Gmail took place, originating from China. Whether any of these events are related remains to be seen.

The welcome message on the site sounds like one that an evil genius hell bent on world domination would say in a movie: “”Welcome to AnonPlus. This will be your future. This will be our future. Today, we welcome you to begin anew”. The cyber group has already enticed members, claiming they have some big news derived from hacked information that they have to share soon.

Anonymous had a rival/ally in fellow hacking group, LulzSec. However they seem to have disbanded after arrests started to be made around the world. It seems that LulzSec was the organization that masterminded the PlayStation Network Outage, which saw Sony’s customers go without online play and more for almost a month. So far no one has actually been charged with the PSN hacking but officials are still investigating. Anonymous and LulzSec seemed to have formed an alliance but that appears to be over now.

So what can you expect from a devious group like Anonymous when it comes to a social network? Surely if you are punching in all of your personal details when you sign up then you are just asking to have data stolen and abused? Or are Anonymous genuinely trying to provide a service for like minded individuals who share their beliefs? Let us know what you think in the comments and if you will be signing up.

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