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Verizon Galaxy S2 LTE (Function) Photos? US Release Looming

July 17, 2021 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been bringing you all the developments surrounding the U.S. release of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II), or should I say lack of it. Although the lack of information so far has led us to wonder why Samsung aren’t in a hurry to release it and caused us to think of other reasons why it hasn’t been launched today’s news is slightly more promising as the Verizon Galaxy S2, otherwise known as the Function, has been spotted in leaked photos. However of course we have no way of telling just yet if these are the real deal.

Only yesterday we told how images of what appeared to be the Sprint version of the Galaxy S2 had been spotted and that the photos did tie in extremely well and certainly looked credible. This led us to hope that the Galaxy S2 US release was getting closer. Today’s images are not quite as convincing but we’re not writing them off altogether. Jacob Palmer over on Gizmo Crunch, sourced from Android Central, tells how these images show a Verizon Galaxy S2 with 4G LTE, which would surely please an awful lot of people as that’s something that has so far been unconfirmed for the Galaxy S2 in the US.

Yesterday we gave some reasons why we felt the Galaxy S2 was still very much wanted in the US and discussed whether the S2 would be 4G LTE or not. However we pointed out that at this point nobody knows and so if these leaked images show the genuine article many Verizon customers would be very satisfied. What makes these photos more doubtful than those of the Sprint Galaxy S2 yesterday is that this handset for Verizon features a slideout keyboard, a feature that has not been seen on the Galaxy S2 before. You can see one of the photos next, courtesy of Android Central.

However the addition of a keyboard doesn’t mean this spot is not the real deal as the original Galaxy S for Sprint (Epic 4G) also featured a keyboard that was not on the handset for other carriers. Similarly the purported Galaxy S2 Sprint version, the Within, that we mentioned earlier also had changes to the form factor with more rounded edges, along with a more solid volume rocker. As well as this the AT&T variant of the Galaxy S2, the Attain, that was reported on back in June also had some differences such as four capacitive touchscreen buttons and a relocated power button.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors suggesting a July launch for the US Galaxy S2 on various carriers, to tie in with the Canada release on July 21 on Bell and an article on Planet Insane seems to suggest that this is also the date that the Galaxy S2 will make its US appearance. However the source of this news is in doubt as it comes from Best Buy Canada and so although we very much hope that a July 21 release in the US is likely we would take this with a pinch of salt for now.

If these images of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S2 are the real deal and it is 4G LTE-equipped it could come out about the same time as the Motorola Droid Bionic, another LTE handset coming to Verizon. Hefty competition indeed! We know from previous comments to many of our articles just how many of you are waiting for one or other of these smartphones so there should shortly be a lot of very well-satisfied Verizon customers. Are you waiting for the Verizon Galaxy S2 or the Droid Bionic? What would you think of a Galaxy S2 on Verizon with a slideout keyboard? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Anonymous

    I would love a Verizon Galaxy SII with a slide out keyboard Yum Yum

  • Anonymous

    These couldn’t be the real deal-the S2 has a tactile home button, not capacitive, and just judging by scale, the screen does not look like a 4.3 AMOLED.

  • Leo S

    Slide out keyboard? Noooo! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! What was wrong with the previous design that we’ve been seeing for the past couple months? I thought that looked better than what is shown in the picture above.


    I am waiting for the Galaxy S2 on Verizon, but if it has a slide out keyboard I am going to be very, very upset. I want what has already been released, NO KEYBOARD!!!! The screen keyboard is far superior than a mechanical keyboard. If I wanted a keyboard, there are lots of options. The phone in the picture above, is fugly compared to the current S2, this would be horrible!

  • Schatje

    I would not wait for an S2 with a slide-out keyboard. While I am a fan of said keyboards, one of the selling points of the S2 is the fact that it is so very thin. It’s been the biggest, physical selling point (besides the screen). A drastic change to the phone’s form-factor would significantly diminish the appeal of the device for me. That being said, I am taking all the rumors with a healthy grain of salt and still eagerly awaiting both the S2 and the Droid Bionic. I’m also waiting for the iphone 5 and waiting to see who presents me with the best specs, features and performance suited to my needs. May the best phone win.

  • Bmllamas

    I would not want the SII if it can a sliding keyboard. I don’t even want the typical 4 button look. I want the SII the way I have seen it on their site. I hope that photo isn’t really the S2 because if it is, then my decision will be easy in going for the Bionic. If the S2 has no keyboard, then I probably lean towards it after comparing the two. But if it is not coming out for a while, I might not wait and just go with Bionic if is releases Aug 4 or sooner (or in August).

  • Anonymous

    this isnt the function.

  • Anonymous

    This is the Verizon SCH-i405 slider, get it right.

  • BrianB13

    Its not the S II so the wait continues. If the Bionic comes out and there is no S II in sight, I will probably get the Bionic. I could always sell the Bionic and get the S II later on.

  • BrianB13

    Its not the S II so the wait continues. If the Bionic comes out and there is no S II in sight, I will probably get the Bionic. I could always sell the Bionic and get the S II later on.

  • Vicki Armstrong

    The Verizon sgs2 better NOT have a damn physical keypad! That crap is for teenagers! This is supposed to be a “grown up” phone.. Plus itll bulk up the phone! One big selling point is that its so thin & light. They better not pull this crap & ruin this phone or ill be pissed!