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Twitter Infographic Shows Success Story: 200 Million Tweeps

July 17, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM one of our most popular subjects is Twitter and we recently told how the statement about the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split was linked to from her Twitter account and also of an infographic revealing Hulu and Netflix preference taken from tweets. Today we have a great infographic for you, which shows the success and story of Twitter from its inception right up to the present with 200 million Tweeps now signed up.

Who could have imagined 5 years ago when hardly anybody had heard of Twitter that by today it would be a part of so many of our lives and yet the numbers involved are truly staggering. Not only are there now 200 million Twitterers but between them they send a total of 350 BILLION tweets a day! This infographic was brought to our attention by Charlie White over on Mashable and created by and you can see the full infographic below this story or at either of the links above.

Twitter has certainly made a big impact on the world today, even so far as helping overthrow governments as in the Twitter revolution in Tunisia. It’s also used of course for celebrity gossip, tweeting between friends, marketing and also spreading news quickly in a time of crisis. In fact it’s difficult to imagine a world without Twitter now. The infographic begins in January 2006 when Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey first came up with the idea. It was then known as Twittr because the domain was owned by a bird enthusiast and first became available to the public in July 2006. Just a few months later in September, the name was finally changed to Twitter. Another fascinating piece of information is that on the first day of launch there were only 224 tweets made in total while today 224 tweets are posted in less than a tenth of a second!

The infographic then shows many notable events that Twitter has been used for along with other Twitter news. For example the Twitter “fail whale” image first made an appearance in May 2008 and also in 2008 Twitter was used to spread the word about terrorist attacks in Mumbai. How many of you remember the Hudson River plane landing in January 2009 and did you realize that the first images from the scene came from a TwitPic, beating the usual media sources to the news? This infographic really is an intriguing look at Twitter events over the last five years and towards the end we see that President Barack Obama began tweeting in June 2011.

Take a look at the full infographic and tell us what piece of information you found most interesting or what statistic surprised you most? Let us know with your comments.

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