Galaxy S2 US Wanted Now: Hardware & Carrier Importance

Many of our articles at the moment seem to be about the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) and particularly its lack of a US release. Earlier today we told about how a couple of images of what appears to be the Sprint Galaxy S2, the Within, have been leaked, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer. However there have been some rumors of the Galaxy S2 not seeing a US launch at all but we should consider why this handset is still very much wanted right now.

We’ve recently wondered why Samsung has yet to launch the Galaxy S2 in the US and that was confounded further with news that it will be released in Canada this coming week. Although there have been fears that the Galaxy S2 is in danger of missing the boat there are various reasons why we think it will still be a huge success. One of its main competitors will be the Motorola Droid Bionic, also awaiting a release on Verizon but although we feel this is a hugely impressive Android smartphone it will not be everybody’s choice and is only being released on Verizon.

An article over on International Business Times makes some good points when giving reasons why the US still needs the Galaxy S2 and one of those is that although the Droid Bionic looks like being an excellent smartphone its whopping speculated 4.5-inch display will be too big for some and on top of that some people are just very loyal to Samsung products. The HTC EVO 3D is also seen as decent competition for the Galaxy S2 but let’s face it a huge amount of people simply aren’t that bothered about the 3D aspect, with some seeing it as merely a gimmick.

Of course the iPhone 5 will also be what many are waiting for and would probably gain a lot of extra sales if the Galaxy S2 doesn’t release in the US but not everybody wants to jump on the Apple bandwagon and it’s still unsure if the next iPhone will have impressive enough specs to be a worthy rival to the Galaxy S2. Similarly a lot of fuss has been made over 4G LTE and the International Business Times makes the point that not everybody is bothered about this either, although we have yet to see confirmation of whether the US version of the Galaxy S2 will be 4G LTE capable or not. Assuming it doesn’t though, in a couple more years 4G LTE support will probably be much more important than now to some, when network coverage is broader. Of course there are others who feel that 4G LTE is a must right now and those people will probably opt for the Bionic.

There are two real reasons why the Galaxy S2 is still wanted in the US and those are hardware and carriers. The hardware of the Galaxy S2 seems pretty much unbeatable although there will undoubtedly be phones out later in the year to challenge this but surely at the end of the day most people are interested in the hardware over other factors.

Another important issue is carriers and the Galaxy S2 is thought to be coming to Sprint (Within), AT&T (Attain) and Verizon (Function). There were previous rumors of a T-Mobile version too though those seem to have fizzled out for now. The fact that customers will have a choice of carriers for the Galaxy S2 is a major selling point over some of the other handsets available. Although it’s rumored that the iPhone 5 may be coming to Sprint and T-Mobile as well as Verizon and AT&T, this has not yet been confirmed and is merely speculative.

So there you have it, some good reasons as to why the Galaxy S2 is still very much wanted for a US release. Are you waiting for the Galaxy S2 in the US and if so what is it that’s making you wait for the S2 rather than another smartphone? Let us know with your comments.

  • Leo S

    I want this phone to come out so bad! If they announce a definite release date before the Bionic is eventually released, then I’ll wait. I don’t mind if it’s mid-late August. But if I don’t hear anything, then I’ll be going with the Bionic!

  • Ricardo Restrepo

    I`m tired of wait for this sh*t since january, im fed up just like leo if bionic comes first I’ll go with it enough is enough

  • Ricardo Restrepo

    I`m tired of wait for this sh*t since january, im fed up just like leo if bionic comes first I’ll go with it enough is enough

  • Adam Truelove

    I honestly don’t think I can get the Bionic if it has a pentile display. They’re so awful.