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Lady GaGa: Official YouTube Account Back Up After Being Down

July 15, 2021 | Tim Ollason

When it comes to social media and the different campaigns that we see popping up all over the place, is there anyone that does it better than Lady GaGa? As things go, it would seem that the queen of social networking has hit a stumbling block, Lady GaGa’s official YouTube account had been taken down due to a copyright infringement but now its back up.

Lady GaGa is right up there in terms of popularity; you only have to take a quick peek at a few of our posts regarding the top trending topics on Twitter… She features almost every week along with a couple of other topics too. Lady GaGa has pretty much changed the way that we think about the link between the star and the fans with her using social media in different forms so frequently.

Not only that but some of the offers she instigates are incredible. Only recently she managed to crash the Amazon servers because she was selling her album at a massively cut price. It just goes to show how many people wanted to get that album of hers for it to become overloaded.

Onto the subject at hand, Lady GaGa’s YouTube account has been suspended, taken down removed… Whatever term you wish to use for it, accessibility wasn’t an option. When you tried to get on there it gave the message that the account couldn’t be accessed. Fortunately for her and her fans the account has been reinstated.

Over at their author Gil Kaufman gives us the low down on why it had been suspended, it all stems from Japanese show “SMAP x SMAP” which airs on the Fuji TV network. Lady GaGa performed a 10 minute medley which included “Born This Way” and then the take down request came from Media Interactive Inc. on July 12th.

Apparently this is because Lady GaGa didn’t have the required digital rights to show the performance that included the Japanese boy band SMAP. The global super star was so excited about it she did her usual and informed all of her little monsters via Twitter about the performance. She also added an image of her and the band to Twitpic but that is seemingly still available. Would Twitter take down their biggest member? Remember Lady GaGa has more than 11 million followers, that’s a big chunk of their network that they would be annoying in one click of a button…

Are you pleased that her YouTube account is back up and working again? Let us know in the comments section below.

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