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Google+ (Plus) Surpasses 10 Million Users, 20 Million In Sight

July 15, 2021 | Tim Ollason

At OSM we have been tracking the progress being made by the newest of the social networks that’s looking to rival the likes of Twitter and Facebook, Google+. Recently we added an article where we were talking about how the site during its beta stage was coming up to 10 million users, well, now it has surpassed that figure and 20 million users is in sight.

There’s another interesting report that OSM’s Maddy Rowe added where she is talking about how Google+ so far seems to be appealing more too male users as well as another where the site is receiving an early update. The update contains a little amendment that will allow you to hide the sex of your profile which will be good for businesses when Google+ is fully launched. After all, we don’t know if OSM is a he or a she!

So, it’s taken only two weeks for Google to reach more than 10 million users and when you consider that it’s only in the beta stage and there’s limited invitations… That’s pretty impressive! Over at Geeky-Gadgets their author Roland Hutchinson has added a report where he is talking about something that the Google CEO Larry Page announced. He said that Google+ users are already sharing over 1 billion items per day on the new social network.

Apparently, Google+ accounted for 35% of all Tweeted links for the last week in June which is amazing when you consider how new it is. Of course, this could just be people wanting to try out all the new functionality but when the site fully launches is when we will really see what it can do.

Perhaps Google+ when the production version is released will overtake Twitter and then rival Facebook. It’s a tall task with Twitter having more than 200 million users and Facebook pushing the 600 million marker. The rate that Google+ is growing at has also caught the eye of the scammers on Facebook, there’s a survey scam going around pretending that it has invitations for the new social network… In fact, all they are trying to do is gain access to your personal details.

Thinking back to the previous post by Google’s Paul Allen, he predicted that by the weekend the latest social network that’s taking the web by storm will hit 20 million users. Of course, that is if his formula that he has been using is correct. So far it’s been pretty accurate.

How long do you think it will take Google+ to catch up with the other social networks and overtake them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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