Galaxy S2 (S II) Bell Canada July 21: But What About US Release

The Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) is still one of the hot topics at present and one of the things most people are still wondering about is when it will see a U.S. release. Today though we at least have good news for those of you in Canada as it has now been confirmed that the Galaxy S2 will be launched on Bell on July 21. There’s still no sign of a US release though, which is slightly worrying, as we know how many of you are waiting for it.

A couple of weeks ago we told how at least 3 carriers in Canada would soon be launching the Galaxy S2, SaskTel, Virgin Mobile and Bell but there was no release date known at that time. Now though Ian Hardy over on MobileSyrup tells of an official launch date for Bell on Thursday July 21 for the Galaxy S2 4G. That’s only one week away, which will no doubt make an awful lot of people very happy. According to an internal document Bell is awaiting adequate stocks and “anticipating very strong demand for the device.” The price will be $599.95 without a contract and it’s anticipated it will cost $169.95 on a 3-year contract.

Meanwhile Anton D. Nagy over on Pocketnow, sourced from Best Buy Canada, informs us that Best Buy has quoted a price of $149.99 for a 3-year contract on the Galaxy S II 4G. While this is all great news for those in Canada, those in the US are still left perplexed. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve written several articles speculating why we’ve not seen the release in the U.S yet. We looked into the delay and asked why a Galaxy S2 US release may not appeal to Samsung at present and then detailed further reasons as to why the Galaxy S2 may have been delayed. We also looked at a review of the unlocked Galaxy S2 pending a US release.

If you’re still patiently waiting in the U.S. you may also be interested in a Galaxy S2 teardown look and a roundup of Galaxy S2 competition in the US. You can bet we’ll continue to keep our ears and eyes peeled for news of the Galaxy S2 launch in the US and will let you know as soon as we know. Are you in Canada and very happy that the Galaxy S2 will soon be with you? Alternatively are you waiting for the release in the US and puzzled as to why you have to wait so long? Let us know with your comments.

  • Jamie Krob

    It sucks because Bell has ‘exclusive’ rights to sell the phone. No word on how long it will be till other carriers have it. Well at least one does and it shouldn’t be too long before others figure out that the NEED to get this phone!