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Windows 8 May Let You Play Xbox 360 Games On Your PC

July 13, 2021 | Matt Tran

When it comes to gaming rumors we really cant get enough, here is one that will have you licking your lips. Imagine when Windows 8 launches next year, if you could just slip your Xbox 360 game disc into the DVD drive and play away. That is the latest bit of speculation doing the rounds and it sounds like a very interesting one indeed, but is it realistic?

Electric Pig reports that this rumor originated from the gaming site Teknylate, but how true is it? We know from Microsoft themselves that Windows 8 will come with Xbox Live integration, but could it go as far that we can actually play our games from out PCs? Well so long as Microsoft are the creators of Windows 8 and the hugely popular gaming console then yes it is very possible. But why would they want to do it?

It seems odd that Microsoft would want to shift the attention of gamers away from the Xbox 360, especially when it attracts so many players. Technology Blogged has claimed that this new feature may be integrated to ensure the steady sales of Xbox games until they launch their next generation console. We do not know exactly when the Xbox 720 will be launched, only that it is in development. As is Sony’s PS4, which could be launched as soon as next year.

By implementing the integration between Windows 8 and the Xbox 360, it will be both good and bad for Microsoft. Gamers who plan on getting a Windows 8 device will be in for a real treat as it means they can play their games on multiple devices. Imagine having a Windows 8 laptop and playing a game like Call of Duty on your Xbox Live account on the go. Would this rumored feature lose Microsoft sales though?

At the moment some really dedicated gamers often buy multiple copies of games for each of their platforms, for example PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. If this integration goes ahead then a gamer would only be required to buy a PS3 and Xbox copy as he could play his 360 disc on his PC. This could have an impact on sales which the gaming industry would not be pleased about, so it could prove a difficult task for Microsoft to enforce.

In my honest opinion I do not think this idea will be made a reality. As fun as it seems, Microsoft has a good thing going on with sales of games, so why fix it if its not broken? Of course all of this is hypothetical so we would like to hear your thoughts on the idea of Xbox games being playable on a Windows 8 PC.

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