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Twitter Infographic Reveals Hulu Vs. Netflix Preference

July 13, 2021 | Matt Tran

Online subscription streaming in the US is big business, with the 2 big dogs being Hulu and Netflix. Both providers offer rental of the latest TV shows and movies, but the question is, which is more popular amongst consumers?

Hulu tend to focus their offerings more on the latest TV shows and Netflix on movies, so your preference for either will probably depend on which service you go with. The general consensus is that if you are a Hulu Plus subscriber then you don’t need Netflix, and if you are a Netflix subscriber, you don’t need Hulu Plus. So which is used the most? According to Mashable it is in fact Netflix which is used more than Hulu Plus, but that is really only the tip of the iceberg.

The study was conducted by Mashwork and they gathered their results by analyzing 10,000 Netflix/Hulu related tweets between June 28 2010- July 6th 2011. The data collected showed that 27% of tweeters were Netflix users, with 20% being Hulu Plus users. The other 51% is dedicated to consumers who use both services and as a result are planning to cut the cord and scrap their cable subscription. Out of the 10,283 tweets recorded, 7,095 of them were based on preference between the 2 providers.

The infographic above shows you how the preference percentage is split up, but you can see a much more detailed and broken down version by paying Mashable a visit. For example the study shows that the Twitter conversation related to Netflix was made up by 52% of men and 48% of women, where Hulu was made up of 76% of men and 24% of women. If these results are anything to go by it would seem Netflix has the greater appeal as it is balanced between both genders, with Hulu being predominantly used by men.

The reasons cited by Netflix subscribers for choosing the service is because it is cheaper, free of advertisements and also is free of lag when streaming. Hulu Plus consumers said they use the service because it is higher in quality, has a better catalog and also has better mobile apps. The opinion that Netflix is better because it is cheaper may have changed because Hulu have since dropped their prices to make them more competitive.

We brought you the news a little while back that both Google and Yahoo were considering acquiring Hulu. Google look to be at the front of the cue because they have a higher budget and also own the world’s largest video site, YouTube. If they bought Hulu and merged it into a mutant video offering called YouHuluTube, would it be able to oust Netflix? Let us know your thoughts on these figures by leaving a comment. Which service do you use, or do you have both?

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