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Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Windows Phone 7 Ed Shown by Microsoft

July 13, 2021 | Debbie Turner

It’s no secret that the Samsung Galaxy S2 or S II is currently taking the world by storm, at least in the regions where it’s seen a release. Although this handset hasn’t yet hit the U.S., just over a week ago we also heard rumors of a new Galaxy S2 variation, running Windows Phone 7 Mango instead of the Android OS. Now we have more details for you on the Samsung Galaxy S2 Windows Phone handset as Microsoft has now revealed it.

Although the idea of a Windows Phone 7 Galaxy S2 edition seemed unlikely at first, it would certainly be one way for Samsung to capitalize on its enormous success. The Galaxy S2, which has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display and an 8-megapixel camera, has been smashing sales records and the idea of a Galaxy S2 with the Windows Mango update, due later this year, would no doubt appeal to a lot of people. However there was a certain amount of skepticism concerning the basis for the rumors of a Galaxy S2 Windows phone.

Now though, those doubts can be brushed aside as Stuart Miles over on Pocket-Lint reports. Not only does the phone exist but also it was confirmed yesterday at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference. Then, as if confirmation of the handset wasn’t enough, Microsoft actually revealed the smartphone in all its glory, a device with Galaxy S2 styling, with what appeared to be a Super AMOLED Plus display, the same as on the Android Galaxy S2. The phone that was unveiled also featured three buttons familiar to Microsoft users, home, search and back.

This handset was also ultraslim like the original Galaxy S2 and it’s possible it has the model number previously rumored, the Samsung SGH-i937 although this is not yet confirmed. Corporate vice president, original equipment manufacture at Samsung, Steve Guggenheimer pointed out the obvious to those that were there saying, “It’s very thin and light.” Mat Smith of Recombu notes that this Windows Phone 7 version of the Galaxy S2 will likely rival the Nokia N9 that was recently revealed and is also a WP7 handset.

There are no details yet of a release date for the Galaxy S2 WP7 edition but if it will indeed run on the Mango update for Windows Phone 7 we know that’s not due until the fall. A release around then would be very timely for the holiday shopping season in the run up to Christmas and of course if it arrives in the fall it will also have plenty of competition for the iPhone 5 due at the same time. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this news and also find out whether you’d be interested in a WP7 Galaxy S2? Let us have your comments.

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  • Anonymous

    Why buy it with Windows Phone 7 when you can get it with Android? Its like saying I’ll buy “HD-DVD” instead of “BlueRay”. Windows Phone 7 has failed in the market and lost the already poor market share Windows Mobile 6.5 had!

  • Micheal Andrews

    At least I could hack 6.5 and install custom roms - which I can with Android, so why the heck would I go backwards - I already have a S2 running 2.3.4 leaked version

  • brian johnson

    wp7 hasn t failed in the market, its just getting started, wp7 is so much sleeker, mordern sexier os than android its only a matter of marketing and getting these phones into the hands of customers, android feels outdated compared to wp7.