Motivate Social Content Sharing in Brand Marketing Campaigns

Here at OSM we often write about the growing use of social media marketing campaigns and how brands utilize and make use of these campaigns. One of the difficulties many companies face is how to encourage social sharing of content by its customers and it’s not just all about the sharing either, those customers also need to engage with your brand marketing campaign.

There are many ways that social sharing can be encouraged and some brands are better at it than others. Today we have some suggestions for how best to motivate customers to share content. An excellent article by Sanjay Dholakia, CEO of Crowd Factory, over on Mashable, gives some useful pointers for how do to this.

For instance one way is to “increase the payoff when people share more.” Group deals are now being increasingly used by consumers and having a collective benefit means that people are more likely to motivate themselves to be part of a team. Especially when they’ll save more by sharing more. Snoop Dogg provides a useful example of how this can work. His Facebook page, Shop Snoop Now, runs progressive group deals with a special deal for a product featuring daily. The price to the customer comes down the more “Likes” that product receives.

Another way of encouraging sharing is to “give them something exclusive.” Many consumers love the chance to receive something others cannot and some brands reward their fans by letting them access content before others. In the music industry you may have noticed “share to reveal” whereby sharing with others means users may be able to access music videos or songs before they become generally available.

Moving on to “let fans create the offer” and this is just as it sounds. Allowing customers to decide on benefits, whether it’s the products that are offered, discounts or offers they’d like to see next, will also encourage them to share. One example of this is the HarperCollins Bookperk website which lets members select which books will be discounted next. That member can then share their selection with friends by logging into Facebook.

Two more options to motivate sharing are also given at the Mashable link above. Those are “appeal to their altruism” and also, “identify, recognize and reward superfans,” so to find out more check out the full article at the link. By introducing a social aspect into your marketing campaigns more customers will be motivated to share, which benefits both sides. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on these suggestions or your own tips for encouraging content sharing so let us have your comments.