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HP Slim Ultrabooks, Affordable MacBook Air Option

July 13, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

As the laptop market grows stronger, consumer needs for ultra-portable devices are pushing manufacturers into producing the thinnest lightest laptops in order to secure sales. Apple obvious wowed the crowds when it launched the MacBook Air range back in January 2008, and since then the slim clean design has been leading the charge. But how did Apple get the Air to where it is today?

After its initial unveiling at the Macworld Conference & Expo, the MacBook Air was released with a 13.3-inch display and was described as the ‘Worlds Thinnest Notebook’. Since then we have experienced it’s first refresh back in October 2010 that saw the Air shed a bit of unwanted weight and introduce a higher resolution screen. Along with these improvements a higher capacity battery joined flash storage over the hard drive option. Just to stir things up a bit more Apple released a 11.6-inch model offering performance to match its big brother and more weight loss, lower price and extended battery life.

So what does it take for other manufacturers to join in the party? Well Intel think that they have the answer after announcing their latest class of ultra-portable laptops, the Ultrabooks, back at Computex 2011. As PC World explained the principle of the new class would be to supply devices with up-to-date laptop capabilities and tablet style functionality.

Their claim is that around 40 percent of laptop sales will be Ultrabooks by 2012. To fit into the parameters of “Ultra”, the device must be less than 0.8-inches thick, have extended battery life and be priced under $1000. This proviso will give Windows users a welcome alternative rather than turning to Apple.

HP are looking to start the ball rolling with reports by Digitimes of two Ultrabook class laptops being introduced before the rumored September released Asus UX21 and Intel’s own offering that the whole Ultrabook category was based on.

Specifications for the new pair will include, Intel’s Core i7-2377M and 2637M dual-core processors, along with possible 11.6 and 13-inch displays, of course both will follow the thickness and price tag limitations. It is also reported that Hewlett-Packard and Foxconn are working together with Hon Hai Precision Industry rumored to have started shipping Ultrabooks to HP already. However nether companies have commented on these findings.

This will no doubt stir up the laptop market and put Apple under pressure with their MacBook Air refresh due anytime soon. Tell us if you have been a frustrated Windows user looking for an Air alternative, could Ultrabooks be your answer?

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    Hon Hai and Foxconn are one and the same company.