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Apple Point The Finger At HTC In Yet Another Legal Scrap

July 13, 2021 | Matt Tran

Apple are at it again, no sooner have they just had to pay up Nokia for a patent infringement of their own, they are now having another pop at smartphone rival HTC. Steve Jobs and co also have a running battle with Samsung over a separate patent battle, so they are really fighting the competition in the courtroom rather than in the market.

This time around Apple are claiming that HTC’s Sensation and Desire S smartphones are infringing on a number of their patents. They have accused Samsung’s Galaxy range of products as being copies of their iPhone and iPad, do you think there is any truth to this? Whats next, accusing Android of infringing on iOS? Apple may have reason to do so, but they are trying to stop almost anyone they believe is copying them from trading. We saw recently how they failed in getting an injunction to prevent Amazon from trading with the name “Appstore”.

According to Cnet, Apple has filed a complaint against HTC with the US International Trade Commission. They are seeking to stop HTC from selling the infringed smartphones in the US, which if successful would have a huge impact on the market. HTC has hit back at this, claiming they are “dismayed that Apple has resorted to competition in the courts rather than the marketplace”. Are all of these accusations of copyright and infringements becoming too much, they seem to be occurring almost every week.

What you see above is a patent that Apple filed recently, it involves data transfer via motion. The idea behind that patent would be to quickly drop a file from your iPhone to your iPad by literally performing a pouring motion. The transfer would be accompanied by a sound effect of pouring water, making it seem like you really were dropping the file between devices. These are the kind of patents that should be filed and kept unique amongst manufactures, all smartphones will have features in common and these big companies should not be throwing lawsuits around when a similar piece of technology is used amongst different devices.

T3 reports that Apple are also considering kicking up a fuss about HTC’s tablet, the Flyer. They claim that many of its features, such as tactile touch displays and multi-touch techniques all infringe more of their patents. HTC firmly deny any wrongdoing and have vowed to protect and defend its intellectual property as it has done this past year. Will Apple get anything from these new claims and is it wrong for them to try and kill the competition from the courtroom? Leave us your thoughts on this by writing a comment below.

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