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Apple iPhone 5 Probabilities: 4G Feature, Carriers and Price

July 13, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Regular OSM readers will know how many articles we’ve written about the iPhone 5 and take it from me, it’s a lot. Of course as the next iPhone, rumored for release in the fall, is still unconfirmed a lot of the current iPhone news is based on speculation and what we think we know so far. Today we want to look at Apple iPhone 5 probabilities with regard to 4G, carriers and price.

We’ve touched on all these points before so hit the links if you want to read more as we go. For example we’ve recently looked at the iPhone 5 and the possibility of 4G LTE capability and how it might affect the price and we also looked at the Droid Bionic vs. the iPhone 5 where one of the aspects looked at was how the Bionic definitely had LTE support, which is still unconfirmed for the iPhone 5.

We recently gave details an infographic, which showed the odds of some features expected for the iPhone 5 actually occurring, and now we have some more odds from another source with probabilities for more categories. An article over on Beatweek gives unofficial odds based on publicly known information so far and it will certainly be interesting to see, once the next iPhone is finally revealed, how accurate these predictions are. We’ll start off by looking at carrier odds and unsurprisingly there’s a 100% chance of the iPhone 5 coming to Verizon. As Verizon joined AT&T as a carrier of the iPhone 4 back in February there’s no way we would even consider the possibility that it won’t also get the iPhone 5.

As far as T-Mobile and Sprint as potential carriers, T-Mobile is given odds of 39% and Sprint odds of 23%. As a plan for T-Mobile to merge with AT&T is currently ongoing the chances of it being a carrier for the iPhone 5 is slightly more than for Sprint. Sprint though would be the only avenue of the big four carriers where consumers could still purchase an iPhone 5 and also an unlimited data plan so we think this would appeal to Apple, especially bearing in mind its current drive to appeal to more price-conscious users. We have to say that as far as these odds above go we’d disagree and feel that there is quite a high chance of both T-Mobile and Sprint carrying the iPhone 5, certainly more likely than not.

Moving on we come to the chances of an iPhone 5 at under $100. The odds for this are put at 42% and seem fair when bearing in mind recent rumors of an ‘economy’ iPhone. We recently wrote about speculation regarding the iPhone 4S being a low cost option, maybe with 16GB of storage, with an iPhone 5 having more storage. Finally we come to the probability of the iPhone 5 with 4G LTE. Beatweek puts the chances of this at 50% and although 4G LTE for the next iPhone might have seemed unlikely a while ago it does seem like a real possibility now considering the growing importance of 4G LTE to consumers. We’ve also wondered if the iPhone 5 could be a high-end model with 4G LTE with a cheaper iPhone 4S without that capability, to keep as many iPhone buyers as possible happy.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on these odds and whether you agree with them. What is the most important aspect for you about the iPhone 5? Let us know with your comments.

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