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Facebook & Google+ Head To Head, Harmonious?

July 12, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

As many of you are aware, Facebook have now got fresh competition, in the form of Google and its new Plus social network service. Launched on the 28th June, the new Google+ will offer its users some additional features that Facebook have failed to give.

Just this morning our very own Peter Chubb asked you whether you had received a Google+ invite, something of which are now being sent out to users in their droves. If you haven’t been invited for whatever reason and you would like to, then click here, which in turn will enable us here at OSM to set you up!

As well as acting like a social networking service, allowing you to set up a profile with picture and updating your status, the new Google+ also forms your friends into circles. For instance it can organise your family from your friends, work colleagues, those who you just go drinking with and so on. Along with this an additional feature “Hangouts” will allow you to link up to six webcams, this alone may be competition for Facebook and its new Skype inclusion.

Over at PC World, Megan Geuss has written an interesting article asking whether the two companies can indeed run alongside each other, even work together or if there’s just room for one winner?

On launching the new Google+, former CEO Eric Schmidt has expressed his feelings towards the two companies running alongside one another. He has stated that there is enough room for the two to run independently, in the same way really that Facebook and Twitter have had to. Followed on by this, he also pointed out that there has been a huge demand for the new Google+ as well as their new feature “Hangouts” which will appeal to the younger generation.

Others such as software building company “LiveChat” have expressed their feelings by saying that the two have big user audiences and can coexist together. LiveChat’s CEO Mariusz Cieply, has said that he would like to extend his services through both Facebook and Google+. He said, “It will be great to have both Facebook and Google Plus. We will start with Facebook first, but we see a huge opportunity with Google Hangouts.”

The next suggestion was of both Facebook and Google+ existing on their own merits, but working together at the same time. Within the tech world, many have said that yes, this is possible but its dependant on the level of communication between the two rivals. One potential problem mentioned, is that of friends coming over from Facebook to Google. This hasn’t received the warmest welcome from Facebook, alongside the integration of Twitter.

As we know at times, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has received criticism due to privacy issues and as PC World stated has received some bad press as of late. Couple this with the huge user base that Google currently have with services used such as Google Checkouts, Picasa and of course Gmail, users of Facebook may be swayed into coming over to the new Google+.

The one underlying question on everybody’s lips is whether there can only be one winner out of all of this? According to one Judy Shapiro, a blogger for AdAge and CEO of EngageSimply, it was been stated that both companies are at war with one another. The winner can only be announced once users have got a taster of Google+ and decided on one key factor, that of privacy issues, this as we point out, is just one topic of discussion.

What are your thoughts on the two? Can they work together or will they just coexist alongside each other? Give us your initial thoughts on Google+? Have you been invited?

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  • Richard

    Both have their own cutting edge technological standpoint but relatively what I personally felt about Google+ hype is that it’s all new so give them another 6 months or so and we’ll know how things are but for now G+ have been quite impressive