The Modern Digital Resume and Incorporating Social Media

Creating a resume or C.V. in your quest for a new job or career used to be a fairly straightforward affair with a page or two of written details maybe attached to a covering letter. However times have changed and these days the traditional type of resume may not be quite what a prospective employer is looking for. Today we have news of a really useful infographic, which details how to create a modern resume and also incorporate social media into it.

It can be difficult enough knowing what to put on your LinkedIn profile and when crafting a modern resume many things have to be taken into account such as what type of online format might be best, whether to add a video resume and how to make yours stand out from the crowd. This infographic was created by Colorado Technical University and brought to our attention by Erica Swallow over on Mashable and gives tips for all types of resume whether it be digital or traditional.

The infographic contains a ton of information and begins with an introduction reading, “The day and age of education and job history resumes are long gone. Today’s successful resumes are social, interactive and are brought to life by all those reading it.” Don’t let this scare you off though as reading on gives you plenty of helpful hints on how best to do this, even looking at the basics such as what fonts and typefaces to use. It also suggests creating themes and storylines for your resume and then gives tips on how to be creative, such as inserting photos to give your resume personality or using hypertext links to show samples of work you may have done. There’s also a useful section on the growing use of video resumes and pointers of how to go about it.

As far as social media goes it’s very important to be careful what you post on a social network as the wrong sort of messages could really hinder your chances of getting that job. Creating the right image on your social networks can, on the other hand, give you a head start over your opposition. For example 33% of employers say they have decided not to offer someone a job after viewing their social media profile but 24% say they have hired after looking at a profile. Other tips include making sure you keep your social presence on sites such as LinkedIn up-to-date and relevant.

This is just a taster of some of the useful information on this infographic and we think it’s an excellent resource for those about to embark on creating a resume. You may also be interested in our recent look at an infographic about LinkedIn usage. Take a look at the infographic in full at the Mashable link above and let us know what you think and also share any other useful tips you have for resumes by sending us your comments.