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New Mac OS X Lion: Helpful Mac Preparation Advice

July 11, 2021 | Maddy Rowe
New Mac OS X Lion: Helpful Mac Preparation Advice

At Apple’s recent Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), one of the announcements was of course the introduction of the new Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. As well as giving you news of this, we have also been closely following an updates to the new refreshed MacBook Air 2011 and its release, which is due to coincide with the Lion OS. Benefits to the new upgrade will include, improved multi-touch gesture support, as well as being able to swipe between fullscreen apps and a new saving system, allowing you to come away from your device with the peace of mind that your work will automatically be saved.

The latest was an article we posted at the end of last week, which suggested that the two would be seen this week on July 14th, so if true then not too much longer to wait. So with this in mind, have you started to consider getting your Mac device(s) ready for the updated OS? Over at Mashable, Christina Warren has outlined some basic but indeed helpful advice to get your Mac ready.

Firstly, before contemplating the upgrade to Lion, major software updates will need to be checked, one such update came through recently by the title of Mac OS X 10.6.8, this itself will help you prepare your Mac and is needed in order to download the new Lion straight from the Mac App Store. As you can see from the image below, the Apple menu will have to be clicked onto and “software update” selected. This will allow you to then install any of the updates and official Apple applications. On doing this, the next step is to check whether there are any available updates in the programs that you use on a regular basis. Click the “update” button in the Mac App Store’s toolbar. Another tip to bear in mind, is to check the printer or scanner device you are currently using to see whether it has a plan for Lion inclusion or updated drivers, this information as Christina pointed out, can be sourced from the manufacturer.

The second pointer to take on board, is of clearing any unwanted information from your disc, allowing more free space, its been suggested that at least 10-12GB of free space could be needed, giving you peace of mind that the new Lion OS can be installed without a hitch.

Thirdly, check whether apps are compatible, as reported, some of the programs in Snow Leopard may not definitely work in the new Lion, to find out this information, the advice is to use the webpage.

Fourthly, and you will be pleased to know we are nearly there, the issue of older apps. Rosetta which some of you will be familiar with, was set up to help run older PowerPC apps on Intel Macs. Over time, these have seen changes, and its the older apps such as Adobe Creative Suite and Quicken 2007 which will not work happily alongside the new 10.7 Lion.

Lastly and to be honest one of the most important, is to back up all your information onto a hard drive, check out tips on using TimeMachine or Carbon Copy Cloner.

Tell us whether you are waiting for the new Mac OS X Lion and refreshed MacBook Air 2011?

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