New Apple iPad HD instead of 3 for 2011: Extra Maker Sought

We’ve been bringing you the news and speculation about the iPad 3 for some time and have recently told about the possibility of 3D inclusion, which incidentally has now also been mentioned for the iPhone 5. Initially it was thought that a new iPad would not release until next year but later news then suggested the next iPad may release this year. Now latest reports talking of the next iPad are referring to an iPad HD for 2011 instead of an iPad3 and news that Apple is seeking an extra manufacturer.

We recently informed how the new iOS 5.0 due for release in the fall, contained some clues about two new iPhone’s and 2 future iPad’s, backing up rumors of another iPad release this year. This new iPad is being viewed more as an extra iPad 2 model than an iPad 3. Joshua Topolsky over on This Is My Next recently reported on this new entry to the iPad contingent and the fact that it could be named the iPad HD. Apparently it is set to have a double screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 and will be targeted at those who want a higher-end iPad 2, maybe those people working in video and photo production.

In the latest on this, Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac tells of a new Digitimes report that says that Apple is looking for an additional manufacturer to add to its current exclusive iPad 2 manufacturer, Foxconn. It has to be said that Digitimes, a Taiwanese newspaper, issues plenty of news about Apple products but has a mixed record on accuracy. However with the exceptional demand that the iPad 2 has received it would make sense that Apple is looking to augment production by seeking another manufacturer, especially when considering the blast at the Foxconn plant in May.

The likely additional manufacturer would be either Pegatron, rumored to have received a huge order for iPhone 5 production and which currently produces the Verizon iPhone 5, or Quanta Computers which already produce Mac products. The iPad HD with a Retina Display is bound to appeal to many and has been previously rumored so a lot of people could be very pleased with this latest leaked information. Gurman also points to iOS 5 containing hints of a higher resolution, from artwork contained in the new operating system’s SDKframework files, so the signs are promising.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on an iPad HD with higher resolution display. Is it something you’re interested in, depending on the price, or are you more likely to wait to see what the iPad 3 has to offer? Let us know with your comments.