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Galaxy S II (S2) US: Apparent Reasons For Non-Release

The much talked about Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) smartphone is yet to make an appearance in the US, and rightly so, consumers are getting tetchy. Other countries such as the UK, Hong Kong, Australia, India and so on are all enjoying the handset but the US will have to wait longer for the Galaxy S II to arrive, if it does!

Just last week, news was suggesting that the Sammy phone may be missed from the US phone market, this as reported could be down to Samsung and American phone carriers still in lengthy talks. But actually when you look at the logistics of it all, the chances of the Galaxy S II handset coming to the States is fairly low, and there are some pretty big hints pointing to this. When we look at other competing phones, the list of leaked information is normally endless, be it photos, documents or inventories, but the Galaxy S II for the US market has been minimal.

We know the American market is huge and it would seem reckless of Samsung to not release their new phone here. Already we have spoken about three Canadian retailers that have made reference to the Galaxy S II‘s arrival which could be as early as next week, and if we look at its predecessor, the Galaxy S, this landed in America just a month after the Koreans got their hands on it. As we’ve mentioned before now, if the phone doesn’t arrive sometime soon, they may have a job on their hands convincing their users to stick with anything Samsung, lets face it, there’s some pretty fantastic devices coming out in the near future, the Motorola Droid Bionic is a favorite as well as the iPhone 5 or even talk of the HTC Eternity. Samsung could claw their way back though, with the release of a new Hercules which is due out in August.

Releasing the Galaxy S II in the US now, may be a big mistake, due to positioning it onto a carrier plan. Big names including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and the big red Verizon, all have some big handsets due out in the next two or so months. For example the mentioned AT&T have the LG Thrill (Optimus 3D) and Samsung Infuse 4G on the way, these are just two Android handsets and as for Sprint, two of their biggies include the HTC EVO 3D and the Motorola Photon 4G which we’ve given you reports on!

In relation to T-Mobile they too have some pretty impressive handsets to talk of, take the HTC Sensation and even the myTouch 4G Slide. Verizon on the other hand, have the Motorola Droid Bionic rumored to be released in September, with an even closer launch of the Droid 3 on July 14th and the Droid X2, so as you can clearly see, where would the Galaxy S II fit into this?

We’ll a little confused by this, and just a few weeks back, there were and still is reports of the Galaxy S II releasing in the US under different names dependant on the carrier. Just recently Samsung accessories in the shape of cases were spotted on Amazon’s online webpage, giving suggestion that the phone was in the pipeline.

Confusing times for other manufacturers, retailers and of course customers. Where do you stand with the Galaxy S II (S2) in the US? Do you really care, but if you do, what’s your take on it? Have Samsung missed the boat as it were?

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  • Anonymous

    I am convinced this article was written only to be provocative. releasing the gs II in the US now would be a mistake? It beats all other phones out now, and does well against some recently announced models not yet released. There is ZERO downside to releasing the gs II in the states, only upside. The more logical reason for a delay is carrier issues or simply supply issues, they probably sold faster than they expected and demand outstrips their supply.

  • Joe LoRe

    I agree Jon. This article doesn’t provide any reasons why it wouldn’t be released. Top selling phone worldwide for a top smartphone manufacturer and they aren’t going to release it because motorola, HTC & LG have phones coming out with Sprint, ATT, Tmob & Verizon? How does that make any sense at all?

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope the author is wrong. Im getting one either way, with or without a contract!

  • Jared

    I have a connection through a friend at ATT and I asked if my connection knew any info(even though he’s on the int’l business side). He said that for all the different carriers(ATT, Verizon, Sprint) who want the GS II; Samsung is backed up on the production so they didn’t want to release them yet until they hit a certain amount of completed production.

    I’m torn between buying the Infuse(which I really love the screen) or waiting to see when the GSII comes out.
    I read about the Hercules which is what I really want(all the funtion of the GSII with the screen size of the Infuse-now that’s awesome.

    I keep reading up on how dual core isn’t really a whole lot “faster” than a single core but that it may provide more efficient power but not faster.
    Any thoughts?