Apple iPhone 5 Prospect of 3D Camera: Leaked Photo - Is It Real?

The Apple iPhone 5 continues to be the subject of much discussion and speculation and just in the last few days we’ve heard news that there may not be a 16GB option, that may be reserved for the iPhone 4S instead. Today we’re looking at speculation about the prospect of the iPhone 5 having a 3D camera, something we’d not heard much of so far. This comes from a new leaked photo, but is it real?

We’ve recently heard of a slimmer and lighter design, looked at whether the next iPhone will come to Sprint and T-Mobile, given a roundup of the competition and also shown an infographic which helpfully details all the latest rumors and expected features for the iPhone 5 along with odds for them actually appearing. We also recently talked about some must-have features for the new iPhone such as an improved 8-megapixel camera and A5 processor but a 3D possibility has never been seriously in the picture. However, way back in March we told about a new Apple patent pertaining to 3D image capturing with twin rear cameras and of course a 3D display, although it’s not been widely mentioned since. Until now, when a leaked photo has come to light.

The photo was brought to our attention by International Business Times and was leaked by Chinese website and is supposedly the iPhone 5 but of course with any of these leaked images we really cannot tell so we’d advise a touch of skepticism at this stage. It’s certainly interesting though as this leaked photo definitely suggests a 3D camera possibility for the iPhone. A previous leaked photo had also shown a dual camera sensor setup for the apparent next iPhone but in this latest image the two camera sensors appear closer than in the original.

It’s also pointed out that the original Apple Insider report on the 3D patent showed three sensors on the diagram whereas this new image shows two. This latest image is said to have come from Shenzhen where many of Apple’s component manufacturers are based but even the website that leaked it concedes that this purported iPhone 5 has a very similar frame to the current iPhone 4 and there’s no sign of the new edge-to-edge screen that’s been reported so widely. It’s certainly interesting and of course we can’t say that this is NOT the real deal but as said previously we cannot confirm it is either.

As the latest rumors for an iPhone 5 release say September or October, no doubt we’ll be hearing more on this in the interim. If this is an accurate representation and the iPhone 5 will have 3D capability, what are your thoughts on this? Is it a gimmick you can do without or will it be a real selling point, as on the HTC EVO 3D? Let us have your comments on this.