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Spotify US Launch Confirmed: Facebook Music A Done Deal?

July 10, 2021 | Matt Tran

Spotify’s American dream finally came true. The music streaming service had been pushing for a launch across the pond for a long time and their time has arrived at last. So with that in mind, does it now mean that Facebook’s Music service is good to go? The 2 big companies have been strongly linked with a partnership together and with Spotify’s announcement last week, it seems the deed has been done.

We spoke a few days back about an interesting line of Facebook’s code which contained a few words suggesting the music streaming feature was not far off. When you look at it, the partnership would be a perfect match up. Spotify would provide Facebook with their tracks and in return Facebook would help the Swedish based firm start their American journey. It seems likely that once Spotify launch in the US, it is then that they will integrate their services with Facebook, according to The Space Lab. Other think that Spotify in the US and Facebook music will come together.

Now that Spotify has confirmed to the world that they are breaking out of Europe and over to America, it seems that half of this partnership has been completed. The other half will be when Facebook announces that its 600 million users will be able to stream music directly from the site via Spotify. It has been suggested that the deal is already in place but is yet to be announced yet. We could see a Spotify launch as soon as next week, so it could be just as soon that we are enjoying Facebook Music. All of the signs are there but we are still all waiting on that official confirmation.

The social networking giant only last week confirmed that they would be introducing video chat to the site via Skype. That feature adds to their social exploits, but they are becoming a real multimedia hub which also includes games, videos and movie rental. Are they in any hurry to bring music streaming to the site? It could be wiser to let Spotify take the Spotlight and build up a reputation in the US first.

Reports from Znet are saying that Spotify will be leveraging Facebook big time, after pitches were revealed to potential advertisers. Facebook’s name is all over the pitch, so if you needed any more proof that they are in on this together then there it is. Do you have any doubts over the partnership that will be formed? It does seem Spotify are taking a big ride on Facebook’s back but how long will it last?

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