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LinkedIn Infographic Shows Usage of Members

July 10, 2021 | Debbie Turner
LinkedIn Infographic Shows Usage of Members

Here at OSM we often write about LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at professionals. We recently told about a new job application button on LinkedIn, details of the LinkedIn IPO and also how it and other networks such as Facebook and Twitter were receiving record traffic. LinkedIn’s success continues to grow and today we have an infographic for you, which shows how people are using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn now has more than 100 million users with a new member joining every second and the sheer size of the network now offers a myriad of opportunities to users to share their profiles, job hunt, network with colleagues and more. News of this infographic came to us from Charlie White over on Mashable and it was created by Labs 42. The data used was collected from 500 registered LinkedIn users and the infographic gives an interesting and useful insight into just what people are using LinkedIn for. You can see the full infographic below this story or on either of the links above.

As you can see when asked what network was most used for professional networking, LinkedIn was top with 61%, Facebook next on 22%, Twitter on 4% while strangely 13% said none. The ‘none’ vote has to be surprising on a site aimed at professional networking but the fact that LinkedIn had the largest vote was obviously not, seeing as the question was asked of LinkedIn users. When asked how often users accessed the site, 35% said daily. 81% said they belonged to at least one group and 52% said they were active in group discussions.

There were some really interesting statistics when looking at what LinkedIn was used for most, divided into separate categories for top-level executives, middle management and entry-level users. For example 24% of entry-level users use it for job searching while only 9% of top-level executives do so, suggesting that entry-level users were most worried about job security perhaps? When it comes to updating LinkedIn profiles 42% said they did so regularly while 7% hadn’t updated since they joined.

Another interesting statistic came from the fact that 18% of the LinekdIn users surveyed said that they had not noticed advertising on LinkedIn. Of the 82% that had noticed only 20% said they often click on an ad. A good promo for LinkedIn is that 90% said that they found the site useful. This infographic certainly reveals usage of LinkedIn. Why not take a look and tell us what you think. Do any of the statistics surprise you? Let us know with your comments.

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