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FB Scam: Pretends To Connect You To Skype For Video Calling

July 10, 2021 | Matt Tran

Recently we have seen a huge amount of Facebook scams circulating around the site and we have warned you about a majority of them. In the last week or so we have seen “INCREDIBLE This girl is rapped in the school buss“, “this girl will never forget to turn her webcam of again” and also a few regarding Casey Anthony. The general premise of these scams is to develop a very interesting title which will hook an unsuspecting user in, then once the link has been clicked it spams all of your friends, with the same link you just clicked. With over 600 million users, quite a few are likely to fall for the trick.

The newest scam takes advantage of the fact that Facebook and Skype have just done a deal which brings video chat to the site. Basically the scam has been disguised as a post on your wall which will ask you to enable video calls, many Facebook users will know of the new Skype feature so will be eager to get up and running. When you click on the fake link it will ask to access your basic information like many apps do, clicking this will put you in the con man’s trap.

When you grant the scammers your basic information, they will have the freedom to post to your wall, access your wall posts in the news feed and also access your information at any time they wish, Mashable has reported. So how do these guys actually scam me, you may be asking? They do NOT actually steal your credit card details and raid your bank for example but they do make gains from you in another way.

What the scam will do is ask you to repeatedly fill out surveys so that the menacing people who created them can collect tons of people’s data. The scammers will make money from referral fees and whats more is that when you fall for the con, it also affects your friends as the trick will be spammed to them from your profile. Seeing that the post is from you, there is a good chance they will trust it and fall victim just like you did. You can see what the scam looks like above to be aware of this. Share this article with your friends to help them as well, many people are falling for this scam so do not be one of them.

If you want the legitimate video call on Facebook from Skype then you may have to wait for it. Currently it is not available for everyone so you will have to keep checking. Going through official channels should show you the message above. Have patience as Facebook has begun the roll out and it should be with us all soon, do not get impatient and fall for this scam. Leave us any thoughts you have on the latest Facebook scam by dropping a comment below.

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