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Galaxy S II Android 2.3.4: Google Talk Video & Upped Battery

July 9, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Samsung’s Galaxy S II (S2) smartphone will no doubt prove to be one of the hottest devices of this year. Handset units have been flying out of retailers and just the other day, we gave you news that some 3 million had been sold in just 55 days. Rumors have been constantly circling as to when the U.S. will finally see the Galaxy S II, firstly it was suggested that July 29th was looking hopeful, then we heard that Samsung may not even bring it to the States.

As we mentioned just yesterday, there are a list of big named phones coming out in the next few months, which Samsung may have to fend off if they do not get their act together fairly quickly. You only have to read comments from our readers that suggest how much the Galaxy S II is wanted in the U.S. So far we have given you advice on where to get your Galaxy S II in the UK, we know the Korean market has exploded in terms of sales, Hong Kong, Australia and even three Canadian retailers have made reference to the Samsung offering.

Diverting away from this, there is some good news for those who already have the phone. So what can we tell you today?

According to Stephen Schenck over at, a leaked build of Android’s 2.3.4 OS has been flagged up, which with its inclusion, could benefit users’ with Google Talk video and upped battery life.

In basic terms, the new Android will provide the Galaxy S II with a more powerful outlook. With Google Talk video in place, the 2MP front-facing camera will now be put to better use, along with peace of mind that the phone will last out for longer, thanks to battery life being increased.

To gain a clearer picture of this and to benefit from ROM installation instructions, head on over to XDA Developers and their thread.

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Give us your thoughts on the new Galaxy S II? Have you been lucky enough to get one, and if so what are your initial feelings towards it? Are you waiting in the U.S. for news and lastly let us know how you get on with the latest Android 2.3.4?

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