Apple Back To School Deals Attract Many Despite Skepticism

During the months of May and June, our very own Debbie gave you news surrounding Apple’s Back to School promotion. At the time, as well as giving you news of when the promotion was due to commence, she made reference to past promotions, which have included free iPods when purchasing a new Mac. This was to change with the implementation of iTunes store credit cards up to the value of $100, something of which many of our readers were disappointed with.

What caught our eye today, was that despite many Apple fans feeling let down by this, according to AppleInsider, a report has actually stated that the promotion has got off to a flying start. One analyst from Global Equities Research firm, has spoken of how Apple Mac devices are being bought in favor of Window PC devices, in fact it was noted that a staggering 80% of students were buying the Apple product over a Windows computer.

It seems that as well as this, strong suggestion is pointing to students using the iTunes credit to purchase their favorite tunes as oppose to the latest apps. As the report continues, another interesting fact to come out of it, is that students in the top end of high school are interested to purchase an iPad tablet before the school term commences, whereas students participating in online university programmes are prone to buying Macs.

Steering away from educational purposes, analyst Trip Chowdrhy reports that in the Enterprise world, some 35% approximately of Fortune 500 companies are using Apple devices for its employees over Windows products.

So despite initial negativity, Back to School sales are indeed soaring! It may be worth checking out some of our other articles, in which we have brought you news about a new Samsung Series 9 laptop range, alongside another listing of laptops that will benefit students with a brief rundown of buying advice, and lastly some ideas of accessories.

We realise that now is the time to start thinking about kitting out your child with new uniform and possibly the latest technology, so if Apple isnt ticking the boxes, then shop around for the best deals.

Give us your thoughts on the Apple promotion? Have you bagged yourself a new Mac and got a $100 iTunes card, or with the change in promotion, have you been swayed by another device(s).