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Motorola Titanium: Sturdy & QWERTY Phone - Hits Sprint Late July

July 8, 2021 | Tim Ollason

The smartphone market is one that many different manufacturers have been delving into, this includes Motorola with the likes of the ATRIX 4G. Now we have heard that they have a Titanium Motorola which is sturdy and has a QWERTY keyboard, we have also heard that it will be hitting Sprint in late July.

We learned of it through an article over on where author Todd Haselton has added an article that talks about the device. He mentions that it looks to have a release date of July 24th and the price will be $149.99. This is a smartphone with a difference; it has a military rugged design that is resistant to many different things.

Some of its resistances include solar radiation, high and low temperatures, dust, vibration, low pressure and shock. Not only that but it runs on Android 2.1 Éclair and it comes equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, not bad for a rugged device don’t you think. As things stand the price and release date are yet to be made official but if you believe the leaked leaflets that you see then this is dead on.

The leaflets confirm what we thought we knew back in May when the name of the phone was announced by Motorola. Debbie Turner of OSM reported on the announcement and told us about the specifications we should expect to see from the Motorola Titanium, she told us of the version of OS from Android as we mentioned earlier, that it has a 3.1-inch touchscreen display and a microSD card slot which supports up to 32GB.

If this is the sort of phone you are after then it might be worth keeping an eye on the product page over on Motorola’s official webpage. Until then we would like to point you in the direction of SprintFeed who were the original source of this information. They have added their own report through Mark Hearn who mentions that Android is perhaps moving in on RIM’s turf, to be more precise it would seem that Motorola is heading for RIM’s turf with Android as the OS.

What do we mean by that? Well if you check out the top right hand corner of the leaflet then you will find some notes under “Sell it too:” At this point they are advertising it as a rugged business phone, finally something that business people can have for a few weeks without breaking!

What do you think of the rugged smartphone from Motorola? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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