NFC Mobile Phone Payment Take Over: 2015 Domination?

When we leave our houses there is a number of items that we seemingly cant live without when we close that front door. Obviously our door keys are the main one closely followed by our mobile, purse or wallet which depending on who you are can be placed in a bag or pocket. If we end up departing without either one of these we feel lost and this feeling lasts for the rest of the day.

Now if we take our wallets or purses for example what mass of things are contained within its cosseted leatherness? Change, folding money and a range of cards, which hold the key to your entire life. So if we lose this tiny package the stress and worry that follows can leave you in a state of panic. Surely in this day and age there must be a way of bettering this almost dated form of payment and money transfer?

Some may be aware that there is a new way to delete the card, cash situation and that is NFC, or near field communication to give it its full title. As Mashable put it, mobile payments are redefining commerce and ask the question, will our phones soon replace our wallets?

For those that may not have heard about NFC yet, the system allows simple touch transactions between a base unit and a smartphone/tablet device fitted with an NFC chip. This allows you to make payment for goods or services, access designated keycard areas or act as an ID card, all by simply touching your device on to the touch pad.

This technology isn’t as far away as you may think, according to one of the most popular payment players PayPal. They believe that the old way of paying will be all but gone by 2015, not only this but they have invested $240 million to acquire Zong the mobile payment provider.

Other parties are getting in on the mobile payment bandwagon as well, with Visa pushing money towards the mobile payments platform Square, and Google launching their own Google Wallet mobile payment system. So it would seem that NFC is very much on the way and bearing down on us fast.

Providing an infographic of what analysts and experts predict for the mobile payment trend, G+ the professional community service has shown what will possibly happen over the next four years. They also provided comparisons for those already involved in mobile payments, with the pro’s and con’s listed which is worth checking out.

We previously reported on how Apple could benefit from introducing NFC to their iPhone 5 when it finally sees the light of day, and also took a look at how NFC could be a feature for the London 2012 Olympics. Why not give us your thoughts on NFC technology?