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London 2012 Olympics: Tickets Accessible Via Facebook

July 8, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

One of the largest sporting events to take place is of course the London 2012 Olympics. Although we haven’t brought you huge amounts of news in relation to it, we did a while back, give you some information on where to purchase your tickets, news of athletes and the use of Twitter, how the introduction of NFC with the help of Samsung and Visa could aid in paying for goods and lastly news of how London’s underground would be preparing for the use of WiFi hotspots.

Today if you are still desperate to get hold of a ticket, then it may be an idea to carry on reading a little further. A new website has been set up with the help of networking site Facebook, to help you find a ticket(s). TicketCollective as its named, will allow you via its official Facebook page, to find any spare tickets.

In turn by doing this, you will have the knowledge that your ticket is the real deal and prevent you from paying extortionate prices from ticket touts.

Unlike perhaps other services, as reported, TicketCollective (click here) is free of charge and is totally within keeping of the Olympic Games official ticket rules.

A statement from Managing Director “Andrew Mobbs” of TicketCollective said, “We think ticket touts make it more difficult for people to attend events with their family and friends by pushing prices up to reasonable levels. So we want to offer a service that is healthy for the ticketing ecosystem where event organisers get paid, fraud is reduced and each and every event is a success in the minds of those attending because lifelong memories are created when we do things with family and friends.”

Former athlete and now London 2012 Chairman/Lord Seb Coe said, “1.9 million people applied for 22 million tickets, we have 6.6 million to distribute. We have sold out in 23 out of 26 sports. We promised full venues and affordable prices. There has been disappointment, with that level of demand. If you have tickets you have not sold please send them to us. I know people who would like them.”

Tell us firstly whether you have bagged yourself a ticket and for which event? Or on the flipside to this, are you desperately trying to obtain one? Let us know if you decide to use TicketCollective and the outcome?

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