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Facebook Code Points To Music Service

July 8, 2021 | Matt Tran

We spoke a little earlier on how important it is for large social networking sites to regularly update and add new features so that they can healthily compete with each other. We are seeing this with YouTube and the “Cosmic Panda” trial. Facebook are not by any means holding back in their quest for further dominance, and they are continuing to turn their site into not only a social platform but also a multimedia hub. New reports are showing that they could be close to launching a music service.

The site has recently been undergoing some changes such as to the chat feature, however the general response has been negative. Rather than expanding the normal chat tab, all of your friends are displayed on a sidebar which shows both on and offline friends. We have also seen another massive improvement which allows users to video chat with their friends via Skype. Follow the link for our simple instructions on how to use the new service.

The latest multimedia service that is said to be in the works is a music streaming service. Reports told us back in may that Facebook had hooked up with Spotify as their music provider, so far nothing has happened. This deal would benefit both companies as Facebook would be provided with the latest music from many of the big labels and in return Facebook, as a huge global company would surely be able to help with with their expansion to the US.

What you see above are a few lines of Facebook’s code which contain some very interesting words. The first is “Vibes” and the second is “MusicDownloadDialog” which could not be more self explanatory; you may also notice the work “Peep” in there which according to Mashable is related to the video chat client. On this evidence there is a good chance that in the near future, Facebook users will be listening to music through the site.

What is really impressive is that Facebook have not just sat on their success, they are passionate about taking it to the next step. Yes they make mistakes and launched things at times we all do not like, but in general they have done a good job of providing endless entertainment on top of the social side of things. You can play games, watch videos and rent movies to name but a few, and soon we could be streaming new music for free!

I think the best option for Facebook is to use Spotify as they already have deals with the big music labels like EMI and Universal. This will allow them to give Facebook the best quality and newest music that a majority of users will want to listen to. If they go cheap on this and provide a bad selection of music that nobody would even listen to for free then it defeats the object of the service. Are you looking forward to listening to music from your Facebook account?

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