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Versace’s Facebook Page Ban Comments To Stop Protesters

July 7, 2021 | Matt Tran

As we all know, Facebook is a place where you can have your thoughts heard as well as make connections with just about everyone and everything. Some people can use the social network as a hub for a good old protest and that is something fashion brand Versace has just experienced. In fact they were been plagued with so much criticism that they have banned all comments on their official Facebook page.

What on earth can people protest to a fashion site about you ask, extortionate high prices? In fact the beef that all the protesters have with Versace actually involves the dangerous manufacturing of a particular type of the clothing range. All of the fuss is about the method “sandblasting”, which gives Denim a worn down look but can be very dangerous according to Mashable.

The method can be so dangerous it can even kill! Sandblasting involves firing sand at high pressure, with large amounts of dust also being given off which can lead to health problems when inhaled. Workers in Bangladesh and and Turkey have been reported to have died as a result of sandblasting, with the technique being banned in Turkey 2 years ago. Versace controversially use sandblasting on a regular basis and so have felt the wrath of protesters.

The Italian fashion firm have over 500,000 fans on their official Facebook page, with many subscribers unhappy as they cannot post any more comments on the page. All existing comments of protest have been deleted and now the ability to write on the fan page has been disabled. Fans can comment on content posted by Versace, but they cannot write on the page freely themselves. Activists bidding to have “killer jeans” banned will surely not be silenced on just these actions?

Sandblasting in the fashion industry has been recognised as dangerous, as other leading designers such as H&M, Levi’s and Gucci, have all dropped Denim made via sandblasting from their collections. The method creates silica dust, which when inhaled can contract a lethal pulmonary disease called silicosis. Providing appropriate protective equipment is providing whilst the job is being undertaken, is there any problem with using sandblasting?

Versace group director of communications, Patrick McGregor, has spoken out about the incident and defended the company’s actions. The fashion official said that Versace make their clothes in accordance with Italian safety regulations and that no lawsuits have been filed against them. The site will remain as it is for now with no fans being able to post personal comments, should they be able to anyway? Leave us your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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