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Klitschko Uses Fight Images To Mock Haye In Funny Viral Video

July 7, 2021 | Matt Tran

Last Saturday’s boxing match between David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko was one of the most anticipated in the history of the sport. The 2 heavyweight giants were being tipped to trade blows in one of the greatest fights ever, and to be honest it was a bit of a letdown. Haye done all of the talking and bragged about how he would knock his opponent out, what happened? Klitschko defeated Haye on points and left him very red faced with an embarrassing excuse. Now Klitscko has subtly mocked his victim in a humorous YouTube video that has gone viral.

The Ukrainian fighter does not actually say a single word in the video but you can tell what he would have been saying by his facial expressions. Klitschko shows the camera a variety of Haye’s controversial pictures, as well as images from the fight and the back page of a newspaper which gives reaction to the previous nights fight. Does Haye deserve to be continually mocked for his defeat?

The first picture that Klitschko shows is the one of Haye holding his decapitated head. This was very controversial as the English boxers sporting professionalism was brought into question over such an over the top bit of banter. The next image the victor shows off is the one of Haye holding not only his, but also his brother’s heads whilst standing over their dead bodies in the ring. Beside that image is also a picture of Haye wearing a t-shirt with that picture on it which he had specially made. You can see it below, as well as the embedded video.

The video continues with a photo of Haye floundering down on his knees with his a arms wrapped around Klitschko’s legs. The raised eyebrows and shake of the head from the Ukrainian is a picture and you can tell he is finding it hard not to laugh. Next up is an image of Klitschko with his brother holding all of his belts, including the one he just claimed from Haye. This is followed by a photo of David Haye’s swollen toe which he claims affected his performance. Many have slammed Haye for trying to make an excuse like that after being clearly outfought.

The final item that Klitscko brands to the camera is the back page of an English newspaper which has the headline “Hero Toe Zero”. The image is of Haye holding his head down after the defeat, also there is a picture of his toe, just to add insult to injury. It was actually Haye himself who posted the image himself via his personal Twitter account. He may find himself in further trouble after posting a rude joke on the site.

Make sure you check out the video for yourself below, which was uploaded by the Klitschko YouTube channel just yesterday. It is one of the better virals as it has got over 288,000 hits in just 1 day! We expect this to hit a few million within a week. So who is right and wrong after this fight? Is the world heavyweight champion right to mock his opponent, or does Haye deserve it after is excessive banter and lack of sportsmanship?

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