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Dove and Cat Nap YouTube Viral Video: Sleeping Puss Disturbed

July 7, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we like to bring our readers all the serious tech and social media news but alongside this we also enjoy the lighter side of life and some of our favorite stories involve YouTube viral videos. We have one of those posts for you today, a wonderful video of a very persistent and plucky dove trying to disturb a cat napping.

Other recent viral videos we’ve brought you that you might like to take a look at, include Wladimir Klitschko taunting David Haye over his loss in the heavyweight fight on Saturday night, a new Epic Mealtime video, Fast Food Meatloaf and also a wonder goal from Giovani Dos Santos. Another was a truly heartwarming graduation surprise when a brother who had been serving in Afghanistan turned up at his sister’s graduation delighting his sister and onlookers.

Back to today’s video though involving one very gutsy bird and a sleeping puss. The action took place on US Independence Day and is comical and touching at the same time. The video was brought to our attention by Gaby Leslie over on Yahoo News and can be found on YouTube but you can also see the full video lasting one and a half minutes below our story.

Take a look at the video and you’ll see what a nerve that pesky dove had. Bobbing up and down right by the cat’s ear and refusing to back off, the bird persistently pecks away at the cat’s ear, also cooing loudly while kitty lies sleeping, or attempting to sleep, on a newspaper laid out on a table. The cat starts to make clear his displeasure at the situation and then strikes out at the bird. We’re assuming though that if the cat had really meant damage it could have caused the plucky bird some serious damage, but this was more like a warning strike.

Job done, the puss attempts to settle back down for a further snooze but once again the dove is having none of this and continues to bob up and down, cooing loudly and again seeming to peck at puss. Again the cat turns on the bird but once more seems to be almost playing with it. Eventually kitty takes a long look scowling into the camera before trying to sleep once more. It’s really a lovely video and we’d like to hear your thoughts on it, or your suggestions for other great animal videos on YouTube so why not send us your comments.

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