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Apple iPhone 5 Slimmer New Design: But Further Release Delays?

Apple iPhone 5 Slimmer New Design: But Further Release Delays?

The Apple iPhone 5 is a much-talked about smartphone at the moment along with the Samsung Galaxy S2 which has yet to see a U.S. release. We’ve been keeping readers informed with all the latest news and speculation and today we have news of an apparent new design making the iPhone 5 (or 4S) slimmer and lighter although there are some concerns about further release delays.

We recently gave you details of an infographic, which has all the latest rumors and speculated features for the next iPhone so take a look if you want to catch up with all the latest odds. Many of us have been expecting a release for the iPhone 5 around September/October and recently told how Apple has apparently placed an order for 15 milion units with Pegatron. There’s also been a lot of talk on the design for the next iPhone revolving around whether it would stay much the same as the present design or be thinner and lighter.

Back in May it was rumored that the phone may be slimmer but the tide of opinion changed and there were many reports saying the design would be much the same. On the infographic we referred to earlier you can see that it was felt to be more likely than not that the iPhone 5 would be similar in design to the iPhone 4. Now though it seems that as the next iPhone is being readied, a different design is on the cards. A report on The Wall Street Journal by Lorraine Luk and Yukari Iwatani Kane tells how sources in Apple’s design chain have said the new iPhone will be thinner and lighter and also said it would have the improved 8-megapixel camera that most of us expected.

There is a note of caution though for those who were expecting a summer release for the iPhone 5 and are now waiting patiently for the fall release. It seems the iPhone 5 was delayed from a summer release because it simply couldn’t be ready in time and construction difficulties have been noted. What’s more, people “familiar with the matter” have said that there could be further delays if iPhone assembly by Hon Hai Precision Co., could not be increased. Production yield rate needs to be improved and Terry Guo, Ho Hai Chairman, said last month, “The touch-screen devices are so thin. It’s really difficult to install so many components into the iPhones and iPads.”

Over on Macgasm, Joshua Schnell, talks about the WSJ report and the possibility of shortages on release, or in fact a further release delay so for more on that check out the link. You may also be interested in our recent article relating to smartphone choice for the holiday season where we looked at the iPhone 5 vs. the HTC Eternity vs. the Google Nexus Prime. What are your thoughts on the news from The Wall Street Journal? Are you more pleased at the thoughts of a lighter, slimmer iPhone 5 or more dismayed about the thought of further delays or shortages on release? Let us know with your comments.

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