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Apple iPhone 5 Carrier News: Coming to Sprint and T-Mobile?

July 7, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we continue to bring you articles about the Apple iPhone 5 and although some might find it repetitive there are plenty of readers out there who want to know all the news and speculation and we enjoy bringing it to you. Today we wanted to look at iPhone 5 US carrier news and the possibility of it also coming to Sprint and T-Mobile, along with AT&T and Verizon who already carry the handset.

Back in March we wrote about how damaging it could be to Sprint if it’s not able to carry the next iPhone and also spoke about rumors of it being carried by T-Mobile. Further down the line we then heard that an iPhone model called the 4S rather than the iPhone 5 may be a variant for T-Mobile and Sprint. However, although there are lots of rumors about this issue nothing has been confirmed on carrier news for the iPhone 5 (or 4S) yet. Now we have news though from an analyst who feels it’s more likely than ever that this time around Sprint will also carry the next iPhone.

According to a report on Barrons by Tiernan Ray, Shing Yin, a Citadel Securities analyst says that the likelihood of a Sprint iPhone has increased as Verizon’s unlimited data plan ends today in a move to tired data pricing. This means that Sprint would be the only major US carrier still offering an unlimited data plan. Yin feels that this is important to Apple, saying that a Sprint iPhone “could offer an attractive proposition for more price-conscious users (a demographic that we think is increasingly important to Apple following the rise of Android.” Yin adds that a Sprint iPhone, if released at the same time as on Verizon and AT&T, could capture “a fair share of iPhone sales.”

Added to this Jonathan S. Geller over on BGR explains why he feels the iPhone 5 will come to all the main US carriers, which of course includes Sprint and T-Mobile. Geller refers to a report back in April about a T-Mobile USA iPhone 4S being tested. Of course a test device doesn’t necessarily confirm an arrival of the real thing but as Geller says, “why not.” It makes no sense now with the iPhone on Verizon and AT&T NOT to also allow Sprint and T-Mobile to carry it. We certainly concur with Geller’s take on this and would be very surprised if the next iPhone doesn’t appear on all of the big four.

Seeing as we’re talking about the iPhone 5 release you may also be interested in our earlier iPhone 5 story where we told of a possible slimmer and lighter design for the next iPhone and cautioned about possible further release delays or production not keeping up with demand on launch. We also gave a comparison between the iPhone 5, HTC Eternity and Google Nexus Prime, all phones expected to be released in time for the holiday season. Are you a Sprint or T-Mobile customer waiting to get your hands on the iPhone? Let us know what you think of this latest speculation by sending us your comments.

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  • Brandon

    I’m not a big phone guy, so I wasn’t anxious about iPhone coming to my carrier (T-Mobile) for the first few years, but over the last several months I’ve been watching the talk about it coming to other carriers, the launch on Verizon, and I’m very much looking forward to getting the iPhone on T-Mobile. I’m wanting an iPhone so much that I don’t know if I will stay with T-Mobile if it doesn’t get the iPhone this year.

  • RapidFire

    I was 100% ready to dump my three Sprint android phones for Verizon iPhone when my contract expires in August. Sprint has been INTENTIONALLY changing all the frivolous add ons to my account without my authorization. I have removed the add ons online and filed phone and letter complaints. They continue to put these $5-$10 add-ons on my bills. Pisses me off. My niece’s iPhone 4 apparently lasts all day long with videos for her kid and talk usage. My primary concern has always been having a phone that doesn’t need to be charged every hour and a reliable phone connection. I hope the battery life of the new phone is equal or exceeds its predecessor. If Sprint plays their cards right and allows the Simply Everything Plan for the iPhone 5, i may consider it. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper than ripoffs ATT and Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    I’m on Sprint, my contract officially expired June 07th, but I want to stay with Sprint, since they’re the least expensive of all 4 carriers, and have a BB Curve 8330 and WAS waiting to get the Bold 9930, but since RIM has delayed it until at least end of August, and now with strong rumors of Sprint getting the iphone 5, Hopefully I will have a CHOICE in September to pick either the BB Bold 9930 or Apple iphone 5 (which i’m actually leaning more and more to, since I’ve heard about the total upgrade of the iphone 5 & iOS5