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Nintendo Wii U: Arriving Next Easter - Netflix Streaming Too

July 6, 2021 | Tim Ollason

The world of gaming is starting to heat up; we are hearing more and more rumors of new consoles and enhanced capabilities. We have been hearing that the PS4 is in development and that it will be manufactured ready for an early 2012 launch and perhaps that is because of the new Nintendo console that we want to talk to you about today.

Cast your mind back a little while to E3 2011 and the Nintendo event, anyone watching the event was privileged enough to get a first view on the new Nintendo console that they have called the Wii U. During that Nintendo event they were also kind enough to tell us that it would be coming in 2012 but didn’t say when. Now we have heard that the Nintendo Wii U is arriving next Easter and it will have video streaming too.

Already there’s has been much news regarding the large controller with a screen on it that works with the new console, some like it and some don’t… but that’s pretty much how all consoles are in this world. One of the big disappointments about the Wii U is that you can only use one of these touchy tablet controllers per console, when we first saw the controller and the console we had visions of people sat in a room all with their own tablet controller.

Nintendo has also said that the touchy controller will only have the range of within the same room, if it goes further, then great and this will put off those of you who wanted to take it to the bathroom! Over at Engadget their author Terrence O’Brien has added an article that says the Wii U and its original console the Nintendo Wii will be sold side-by-side for some time.

He also refers to Forbes who have had time to have a chat with Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo America. In this interview it was also revealed that there’s no technological reason for the console not to be able to stream other media to the portable screen, of course this includes the likes of Netflix.

Within the questions and answers the Regginator as Fils-Aime is known to gamers tells us that the Nintendo Wii U will launch after April 1st, hopefully that’s not its actual release date as I can see all the jokes coming in already…

What do you think of the Nintendo Wii U? Is this a console you will buy or will you hold off for a while to see what Sony and Microsoft are up to? Let us know in the comments section below.

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