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Google+: It’s A Bumpy Ride, Facebook Patent On Image Tagging

July 6, 2021 | Tim Ollason

We are all pretty geared up about the new Google+ social network being launched by everyone’s favorite seamless search engine Google, but we are thinking that Google+ is going to have a bit of a bumpy ride from Facebook about their patent on digital image tagging.

Facebook of course will want to protect what they have which is the largest user base of all the social networks, they have recently been filing for patents and one of them surrounds digital image tagging. We reported back in May how Facebook had applied for the patent along with four separate searching ones and now we know some of the features of Google+ we are wondering how they are going to go about their own photo tagging.

Nick O’Neill of is also raising a few alarm bells for Google+ and the author mentions that Facebook could send a cease –and-desist letter to the search engine giants. Photo tagging is one of the most important features of Facebook; it has certainly helped their membership grow as everyone flocks to the site after a night out to see the pictures that were taken.

As things stand we know that Facebook hasn’t flexed their muscles over functional patents as yet but they have over different sites using variants of their name. An interesting note from O’Neill says that Patents are being widely frowned upon partly because they can stunt innovation. In some ways this is true, but it also makes others think of an alternative, something outside the box instead of their intended “copy.”

We are wondering, if Facebook was to contact Google about the digital image tagging requesting that it were removed, would that simply be Facebook admitting defeat? Another way to look at things is, Google has been using facial recognition within Picasa for some time and that hasn’t been touched thus far by Facebook, it’s possible that their method of performing the task is outside of Facebook’s patent.

Maybe Facebook sees this as the Ace up its sleeve that it can play to really disturb things just ahead of Google+’s launch. I guess only time will tell. We personally think it’s great that Google has managed to come up with something innovative and different in this world that is being pushed by social networking and social media, fair play to them.

What do you think will happen here? Will Facebook flex their might and have the functionality removed from Google+? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Antranik Kizirian

    Just so you know… Facebook has a facial recognition feature built in as well.. if you upload an album, it recognizes familiar faces and suggests who those people are and it makes tagging all the more faster.