Sony S1 and S2 YouTube Teaser Promo: Part 2

The tablet PC market has become one that has some real competition in it. It started out as one that was not so profitable, it was never really fashionable and the devices that were made never really had the specs and battery life to make a difference in comparison to laptops. Things have since changed…

Many would say that Apple have been the trend setters in the tablet PC market, they released the Apple iPad which has pretty much single handedly rejuvenated the market and turned it into one that is both fashionable and profitable. Samsung were quick to catch on and launched a smaller tablet PC called the Samsung Galaxy Tab and that too found success.

Google Android was quick to see this and now their operating system is the most popular OS amongst the different manufacturers featuring on many different devices. Two of those devices are made by Sony with the S1 and S2 which has already had the first installment of its teaser trailers reported on and now the second YouTube promo has been released.

We previously mentioned that the promo reminded us a lot of the Honda advert with all different parts of a car knocking each other in a domino effect to get to the very end of the advert. The second part isn’t all that different, it kicks off with what looks like marbles bouncing off a table into a bucket which is the first trigger. Then one of the tablets gets launched down what looks like a toy train track and has some letters punched into it using the text input.

The advert goes on displaying different features of the pair of Sony certified devices only to finish with “To Be Continued” being displayed in some little different colored balls. We learned of it through an article over on Slashgear by Shane McGlaun where we actually agree with many of the comments he has made, this is one of the best and coolest adverts Sony has made.

So far the video doesn’t seem to have had all that many views with less than 1,000 but when it gains more recognition it will probably be up with the first installment around the 500,000 marker. Unfortunately we agree with a second comment from Shane McGlaun and that is the adverts are at risk of their adverts being cooler than the physical tablets, we hope to be wrong! You can see the video at the bottom of the article as always.

What do you think of the tablets so far from Sony? Do you like the video? Let us know in the comments section below.