Sony PSN Fully Returns Wednesday In Japan: At Last

When Sony’s PlayStation Secure Network first went down on the 20th April due to hackers attacking the service and compromising users’ personal information, here at OSM we were keen to bring you the latest. Although for a large majority the service is now fully resumed, think about those in Japan who up until now have been left without! Since the PlayStation and Qriocity services were affected, Sony has been plagued with mixed comments from gamers. The general concensus was of disappointment, although some were quick to forgive. Many changed the way in which they were playing games, with some resorting to trading-in their PS3 console and buying an Xbox 360.

According to Mashable, Japan’s PSN will be fully restored tomorrow (Wednesday), we know from past articles, that the country were a little wary in having the service resumed, with them saying that they wanted to see more preventative security measures implemented.

We hope for Japan users, that this will be the case tomorrow, as lets face it, in the past, restored dates have at times, not come as announced. Sony need to now work on regaining their customers trust, something of which was completely lost a week after the PSN downtime. It seemed that despite Sony being aware of the hacking attack and users’ personal information such as credit card information possibly being compromised, the tech giants did themselves no favours in keeping the information to themselves.

Consequently LulzSec who were said to be the hacking group responsible, went on to attack Nintendo, Microsoft, the NHS, Codemasters and so on, although we can add to this by saying that LulzSec have now disbanded due to reports that their identity was in dire straits.

Added to the news of Japan, we also wanted to inform you that today July 5th until 12 pm ET, Sony’s “Welcome Back” program will be extended, so get in quick. This, if users signed up before the PSN outage, will enable them to pick two free PS3 games and two free PSP games.

Give us your thoughts on today’s news? Are you in Japan, if so let us know your feelings towards Sony? Will you be tempted by their new devices such as the PS Vita or even the PS4 when launched, or has the entire PSN outage dampened your buying spirit?