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Google Plus: Mark Zuckerberg Has More Followers Than Larry Page

July 5, 2021 | Matt Tran

The subject of Google’s social network that can compete on a serious level with Facebook is one that arises quite often. We thought for ages that it would be called “Google Me“, but we now have “Google+”. The new social networking service is available for sign up and use but is still very much in the testing stage. Google has had a surprise sign up to its new service, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuck’s presence on the site will no doubt encourage others to join, but the Facebook co-founder has certainly been a popular member of the community. In fact he has more followers on the site than Google’s co-founder and CEO Larry Page. Zuckerberg has a big following of almost 30,000 people, with Page having a fan base of 20,000 people, according to Tech Radar. Maybe Facebook is still on top, even on Google Plus.

Zuckerberg has made a bold move by making an account with Google+ as it seems he is not only checking out the competition but also appearing gracious to his company’s rivals. Google and Facebook have hardly seen eye to eye with each other, hotly competing on a number of fronts, most recently it was advertising. Previously under the reign of Eric Schmidt, when Google were talking about the idea of their social network, they suggested Facebook should hand over their data and if not there are other means of getting it. Very sinister stuff.

There is also something rather fishy about Mark Zuckerberg’s Google Plus profile, on a closer look it may have been created simply as a spy for Facebook. The young genius has not posted anything at all on his page, he has only written a bio about himself and gathered a large band of followers. Zuckerberg states on his bio that he is male and lives in Palo Alto; “I make things” is his statement.

Another social networking founder is also checking out Google’s new project, MySpace founder Tom Anderson. Anderson has so far gained 4,700 followers, which compared to Zuckerberg, actually could be seen as the difference between their sites. MySpace was bought out last week by a company called Specific Media for $35 million. Interestingly Justin Timberlake is also buying up a stake in the company and will be working with the new owners to revive the site by making it more of a multimedia hub like Facebook.

With all that being said, Google Plus does look like it has got off to a fairly good start. Things are still quite raw, but once the tests are over and Google know what the users want they may have a very promising network on their hands. There is no doubt they have a real challenge on their hands becoming as big as Facebook, but with Google anything looks possible.

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