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Cheryl Cole Facebook Backlash: Ashley Reconciliation Worth It?

July 5, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Social networking sites Facebook and Twitter have increased in user numbers and are being accessed not just by the everyday Joe Bloggs, but big celebrity names as well. Many have found comfort in joining such sites as a way to communicate with their friends and loved ones, join groups of interest, find out news and so on.

One such celebrity to set up a new Twitter account is pop star and one of the world’s favorites, “Cheryl Cole.” Debbie here at OSM gave you news the other day, that the former X-Factor judge and Girls Aloud singer has drummed up over 50,000 followers on a new Twitter page. Despite Cole being pushed from the popular X-Factor TV show, she had still managed to attract a huge fan base, we say had in the past tense, as news today confirms otherwise.

According to news reports, Cheryl is said to be getting back with ex-husband and footballer Ashley Cole. Even though it was reported that Ashley cheated on Cheryl, entertainment.stv has stated that she is willing to forgive him with the pair reconciling. Consequently Facebook has come to life with some upset fans posting nasty messages and even going to the extreme of death threats. Cheryl who has just celebrated her 28th birthday, first rose to fame in 2002 when she was chosen to form part of the Girls Aloud band. During the group’s rise to fame, she met Ashley Cole in 2004 and then went on to marry him in 2006. After allegations of Ashley cheating, Cheryl filed for divorce, which was made official September of last year.

Many it seems are disappointed with Cheryl’s decision to get back with Ashley, and have taken it on board to turn to the frenzy of social media to get their comments across. During an interview with Piers Morgan aired on English TV channel ITV, Cheryl spoke about her heartache and disappointment with the breakdown of her marriage.

In an interesting point raised by, many people in the world split up with their partners every day of the week and at times reconcile their relationship, without the need for such public abuse.

Even though the couple are high profile names, should we just leave them alone to make their own decisions, without going to the extremes of using networking sites, or do you think this is part of the price of being famous?

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