Samsung Apps Summer Splash Sale Provides Discounted Apps For Samsung Users

Smartphones are all the rage nowadays, and a key reason for this is the humble mobile application. More commonly known as apps, they can be found on most modern mobile phones allowing you to play games, surf the internet or even post to your Facebook or Twitter feed. The extremely low cost of video game applications allows users to pay as little as a single dollar for a game which can last them many hours of playtime, which is extremely good value.

Samsung Apps, currently available on the Samsung Wave(GT-S8500) and Wave II(GT-S8530), is currently having their Summer Splash Sale which consists of a number of their applications which are available at a reduced price! Among the list is Fruit Ninja, Splinter Cell Conviction and the Mobile Maps range of applications.

Within the press release “Kang-Hyun Kwon, Senior Vice President of Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics is quoted as saying that “We planned this promotion as a way of saying thank you to our loyal customers who have been supporting Samsung Apps this year. We hope the users can enjoy this vacation season more with handful of best apps at a reduced price from Samsung Apps.”

70 total applications are available on sale, this includes Fruit Ninja, Shrek Forever After: The Game HD, Picsel Smart Office, PES 2011 and the entire suite of Mobile Maps applications, as well as many more which are available on their website, or by accessing the Samsung Apps store on your Samsung Wave Phone. The sale continues until the 11th of July.

The Samsung Apps marketplace has achieved success since it was launched in September 2009. It reached the milestone of 100 million downloads in March 2011, and since then it has grown to a library housing over 25,000 applications which is available in 120 countries. Samsung has announced its bada 2.0 Smartphone application store which will be launching later in 2011.

In related Samsung news, the Pakistan Observer reports that Samsung has sold over 2 million units of their ‘Smart TV’s since they were introduced in March of this year. Smart TV’s have become popular due to their range of applications that are accessible on the big screen, which offer extra functionality beyond what you would get from a regular television. Features include a web browser, the ability to share what you are watching with your Facebook/Twitter friends and their own Samsung app store, which allows even more functionality to be downloaded to your television.

Of course, normally this would be extremely difficult to access if it wasn’t for the Qwerty remote control, which allows full keyboard functionality as a full number pad and control keys in order to allow you the most control over your TV. With all these extra features and functionality it’s easy to see why they managed to sell such a large amount so quickly.

Do you own a Samsung Wave phone or a Smart TV? Will you be downloading any of these applications to your mobile device, or checking out the extra features on your Smart TV? Let us know in the comments below.