Manufacturers Claim Sony PS4 Coming 2012 With Kinect-Like Features

Since the E3 gaming event last month, the topic of Sony’s future PlayStation 4 has been a popular talking point. We know that the PlayStation 3′s successor is in development but we know little other than that. Some new whispers are now coming out of the rumour mill claiming that the PS4 will be launched next year and have full body motion control like the Kinect for Xbox 360.

Reports from Electric Pig are telling us that Sony are somehow plotting a 2011 production of the next generation games console which will be ready in time for a 2012 launch. If these rumours are true then it would mean that the PS4 would be direct competition to Nintendo’s Wii U. We also understand that Microsoft are developing their Xbox 720, but we have not heard of any sensational sudden launch news, only that they are making the 360 cheaper.

The claims that the PS4 could be with us as early as next year come from component manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron Technology who supplied the parts for the PS3 and are on board to do likewise on the PS4. According to Slash Gear, Sony are expecting to ship 20 million PS4 consoles in 2012 if all turns out to be true. I feel that the launch of the PS4 seems very premature but it has been 6 years since we saw the debut of the PS3, so a surprise release is not out of the question.

Nobody has any idea what the new console will look like if these reports are true, as the Kinect is more of a camera accessory and does not require any form of handheld controller. The fan made pyramid image above made by SonyPS4 would be a very unique and interesting design, however a controller is included. It is not clear whether Sony want to stay with a handheld controller or move to hands free motion, but the former seems most likely.

Sony entered into the motion market with their PlayStation Move, but it came out second best to Microsoft’s Kinect which does not require a controller. It seems that the PS Move will no longer be at the forefront of Sony’s plans in their motion controlled industry with the possible new Kinect-Like features taking over. We are assuming that the PS4 will be 3D ready and carry a majority of the PS3′s features like a Blu-ray drive and free online multiplayer service, or they could go down the Xbox Live route?

We reported to you a little while back that Sony are planning to slash the prices of their PS3′s from as much as £250 down to as little as £170. This is another clue as to whether the PS4 rumours are true as it looks like they may be trying to sell as many old consoles as possible before the new one launches. We have no indication from the company about a launch so can only go on whispers and speculation at this point, it is all very exciting though. Leave us all of your thoughts on the potential launch of the PS4 in the comments. Is it time to see a next generation games console on the market in 2012 or is it too early?

  • Huzaifa Pandor

    Way too early! …Wait another 5 years!!

  • Hosein Mahdian

    Very true I think… end of 2012… Sony doesn’t want Microsoft to launch their console sooner so Sony would loose their market.

  • Josh

    I predict 2014 or 2015 will be when the next Gen consoles launch.

  • Josh

    I predict 2014 or 2015 will be when the next Gen consoles launch.

  • Bob Dillan

    If there gonna copy anything from MS if needs to be the controller. I hated using the shoulder buttons to shoot in Uncharted. Embrace the triggers Sony….