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iPhone 5 Must-Haves to Threaten Galaxy S2: Pointers for Apple

July 4, 2021 | Debbie Turner

The two smartphones that everybody seems to be talking about are the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Apple iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S2 (rumored to see a US release shortly) should hopefully get here before the iPhone 5 (rumored release October) so will have a headstart. Although we already know specs for the Galaxy S2 there are no confirmed specs so far for the iPhone 5 although we all think we know roughly what to expect. What we’re asking today is what are the must-haves that the iPhone 5 needs in order to threaten its Galaxy S2 rival?

Before we take a look at some ideas you may be interested in our article from yesterday where we told how the absence of the US Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 5 would benefit HTC and also Motorola so hit the link if you’d like to see more on that. Although at one time it was thought the main competition for the iPhone 5 was the Galaxy S2 there is a plethora of new and upcoming smartphones that are highly impressive on the way, which could also rival the Galaxy S2. Just some of them include the Motorola Droid Bionic, the HTC EVO 3D, Motorola Droid 3 and we recently detailed leaks of a new handset not due until the fall, the HTC Eternity, which will be a Windows Phone 7 Mango handset. We even told earlier today about a rumor regarding a Galaxy S2 Windows Phone 7 edition instead of Android so there may be yet be more competition although as yet this is still unconfirmed.

Over on a useful article by Joe Minihane details 10 pointers for Apple to consider for the iPhone 5, in order to see off the Galaxy S2 competition. Bearing in mind we recently told of smash sales for the Galaxy S2 it’s likely of course that Apple has already decided on what features and specs are needed for the iPhone 5 to stay ahead of the game, but these suggestions for must-haves may interest you. Firstly the screen size needs to be larger to keep in line with the much bigger displays on recent and upcoming smartphones and also a dual-core processor is a must. It won’t be long before people won’t consider buying a smartphone without a dual-core chip. A slimmer, slicker design would also go a long way to helping sales while 1080p video capture and also 1080p onboard editing would give it an edge over the Galaxy S2 which doesn’t yet feature this but does have 1080p video recording.

The release date is crucially important too. If iPhone buyers wait until September or October for release they will have waited far past the summer time frame when it was originally expected to launch. If it doesn’t arrive in the fall to compete for the holiday season Apple will lose out in a big way. We also spoke recently about different pricing levels for the iPhone with a cheaper option and this is seen as important, along with the fact that iOS 5.0 for the next iPhone, when it’s released, must run smoothly without glitches. We told previously about an improved camera for the iPhone 5 which we think is one of the most likely additions. Finally Minihane makes the excellent point that Apple need to resist the urge to slate the Galaxy S2, considering its present legal shenanigans with Samsung. The iPhone 5 should be good enough that this is not necessary and besides, slating other products turns consumers off.

We’d like to tack on a couple more additions wanted for the iPhone 5, one of them being 4G LTE. Although this may not be as likely as other must-haves we know it’s something that many of our readers would like to see, along with a better battery performance. Are you patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the iPhone 5? Do you agree with these pointers or have you more ideas for must-haves that you’d like? If the iPhone 5 appears with most of the above do you think it will then be excellent competition for the Galaxy S2? Why not let us have your thoughts by sending your comments.

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