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Google Front Runners To Acquire Hulu: YouHuluTube?

July 4, 2021 | Matt Tran

On demand video giant Hulu looks to be attracting the attention of a lot of potential buyers after it was suggested that they may be looking to sell up. The video service was the subject of a mystery bid a little while back which in the end turned out to be Yahoo, who looked unsuccessful with their offer. It now seems that Google who own the largest video site in the world, YouTube, may now be looking to acquire the second largest online video service.

Tech Radar reports that Google are the most likely company to buy out Hulu, with Microsoft also apparently sniffing around with the still interested Yahoo. Google have more financial muscle than either of its competitors, with the fact that they own YouTube being another huge factor in their advantage. It could be the start of a mutant video mash up called “YouHuluTube”. Imagine YouTube now with on demand access to the best and latest TV show releases.

Hulu seem keen to sell after they failed on a bid to acquire deals which would see them taken on to a global scale. The video site is fantastic but its major flaw is that it is only available to consumers in the US. It had been for a long time been their plan to expand to Europe and maybe Asia, but this plan looks to be faltering and so the best option could be to sell up to a huge global company like Google.

The purchase of Hulu by Google would be an amazing coup, as it will most definitely aid their stuggling TV service which is suffering because of a lack of content deals. Hulu has the rights to a goldmine of quality content so it seems like the dream link up for both parties. Yahoo and Microsoft could both use a video service like Hulu and so will not be willing to sit back and let Google take it without a fight.

One of the problems that Hulu face with their sale is that their content is provided by ABC owners Disney, News Corp owners Fox and NBCUniversal. All 3 big corporations own large equity stakes in Hulu so it would only take 1 to disapprove of the sale for deal to be disrupted and potentially put off. If any of the suppliers pulls their content from Hulu it will dramatically effect the quality of the service, causing large amounts of viewers to not use their service as it will not be able to show their favourite shows.

We do not know the exact value of Hulu, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will take a fair few billion to buy the on demand service out. Our money is on Google for the reasons mentioned above but in business it could go any way. Would you like to see Hulu stay the way it is or sold off to Google and possibly merged with YouTube? Let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment.

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  • Kat S.

    I’d love for Hulu to become easier to use, better consistent content, better viewing quality.