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Fox News Twitter Hack: Fake Obama Death On Independence Day

July 4, 2021 | Matt Tran

Twitter can be a sensational social platform for staying up to date and sharing thoughts and news with the world. When this is mixed with hacking it can be a bad combination due to scams and spam, with mostly outrageous and false tweets being posted. If you throw into the mix a huge victim and then a hugely famous world leader than you have a problem on your hands.

The thinkable has happened and the Twitter account of Fox News has been compromised by hackers. No it is not the return of the notorious LulzSec, it is a group called the “Scriptkiddies” who have taken responsibility for the attack, The Next Web has reported. The group posted seriously disturbing tweets about American president Barack Obama, claiming that he had been assassinated by an unknown gunman.

The group posted around 4 or 5 slightly different tweets all giving off the same message that the US leader had been shot twice with “#ObamaDead” being used. Some also used @Barack Obama as he has his own Twitter account. It soon became clear even though the group admitted it was them, that these were not legitimate tweets from Fox News. Firstly similar tweets was posted numerous times and also the tweets were not news like and informative, more personal if anything. You can see one of them below.

The hacking is likely to cause a lot of trouble as a very reputable news station like Fox News Politics would be believed for anything they tweeted. Many will see through the fake tweets but equally many will fall for them. The timing of the hacking looks planned as the news falls in the American’s Independence Day which is celebrated on the 4th July.

It does not look as if Fox are aware of being hacked yet as the tweets have still not been removed from their feed and most of the Twitter community are beginning to call for them to get their act together. The first tweets from the hackers surfaced about 3 hours ago, with the latest one wishing Joe Biden the best of luck as the new president, 2 hours ago. The news network has over 33,700 followers with a majority of them seeing the outrageous fake tweets.

Many Twitter users have sent their Independence Day wishes around the site and condemned the “awful” tweets that were somehow posted to Fox’s account. How much will this hacking damage the reputation of Fox? Not only have they been compromised but also they have been seen to post some very serious and hurtful tweets about their president, albeit because of hackers. Whats your opinion on these bizarre events that have started what is supposed to be an American holiday day of thanks and remembrance?

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