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MacBook Air 2011 Refresh Desires: What You Most Want

July 3, 2021 | Debbie Turner

The Apple MacBook Air refresh 2011 has been on our minds for some weeks now and we’ve written countless articles about news and speculation for the new Airs. Most recently we reported on rumors for a mid-July release and then only yesterday there was speculation that July 14 could see the new MacBook Airs, the same date that Mac OS X Lion is rumored for release. Now the launch is looking closer we want to take a look at your MacBook Air 2011 refresh desires and see what you most want.

Some while back we asked what price you’d be willing to pay for the next MacBook Air and also asked what features you’d like to see. The Thunderbolt technology and new Intel processors look pretty much assured and other features our readers wanted included an increase in RAM, larger size options, backlit keyboard, better battery life, improved graphics, matte display, higher resolution screen and more. Now we have news of a current poll being carried out, also asking consumers what new rumored features for the MacBook Air are most important to them.

Over on Cnet, Dan Ackerman asks about the top must-have feature and readers were asked to vote from the following selection; Second-generation Intel Core i-series processors, Thunderbolt port, the black color option that we detailed rumors of recently, mobile broadband antenna and finally a backlit keyboard, which was added to the list following reader feedback. The poll is still open so if you want to participate head over to the Cnet link above. The results so far though are pretty interesting.

By far the most popular important feature so far in the vote is the new Intel processors, currently on 57%. This is followed in second position by the backlit keyboard, (remember this option was only added later) on 19%. What we were pretty surprised about bearing in mind the amount of impressive things said about the feature on the refreshed MacBook Pro and iMac earlier this year, is that only 5% say the Thunderbolt port is most important to them. In fact the black color option is more popular on 7% so far. Mobile broadband antenna has received 12% of the vote for most important feature.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we know for sure exactly what specs the new MacBook Air will have but in the meantime we’d like to hear your opinions about the poll results. Now we’re seemingly much closer to release we’d like to hear from our readers again to find out what features you most desire for the new MacBook Air? Let us know with your comments.

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