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No Galaxy S2 US Release Still: Danger of Missing the Boat

July 2, 2021 | Debbie Turner

It’s safe to say that one of the questions our readers are most wondering about at the moment is when will there be a Samsung Galaxy S2 U.S. release. We’ve published countless articles now about releases for this notable Android smartphone in other countries, most recently in Japan, and told how it currently ranks as the best smartphone in the UK so what’s happened to a US release?

We have heard various rumors and recently gave readers a Galaxy S2 (SII) US release roundup so click on the link if you want to get up to speed with all the latest speculation. We’ve also heard more news recently about a Galaxy S2 release for Canada but anticipation in the US is almost at fever pitch and still no news. The lack of information forthcoming from Samsung and all the major US carriers thought to be carrying the Galaxy S2 is strange to say the least and even worrying. Many rumors have indicated July as a likely US release date but it’s very odd that nothing firm has come out or been leaked so far.

There may already be those among you who’ve given up the wait and opted instead for a handset such as the HTC EVO 3D which beat it to the mark. There are plenty of other handsets upcoming too. Another Android, the Motorola Droid Bionic on Verizon has had many people talking for some time and earlier today we heard of a rumor that it could now have cleared the FCC so the release could well be soon.

There’s also the Apple iPhone 5 to consider. At the beginning of June we published an article saying how much the Galaxy S2 would benefit from the lack of a new iPhone yet. We felt that lack of information from Apple regarding a release date for the iPhone 5 could lead consumers to abandon their wait for it and purchase another handset instead. However now the lack of information from Samsung about a US release date for the Galaxy S2 could harm its prospective sales in the same way, as consumers may start to look elsewhere.

Apart from the EVO 3D and upcoming Droid Bionic, we’ve also seen some more very impressive looking smartphones over the last few weeks that are forthcoming. For example the myTouch 4G Slide for T-Mobile is rumored for release this month and we’ve also detailed the Nokia N9. The specs for the Nokia N9 may not be quite so impressive as that of the Galaxy S2 but this handset does stand out for it’s camera which is receiving a lot of attention. We’ve also recently told readers about the Google Nexus Prime made by Samsung, a 4G phone that will run on the next Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich OS. Although this phone is not due until around Thanksgiving if Samsung don’t get the Galaxy S2 out soon there may be many people who think they’ve waited so long already they may as well wait a little longer.

The Galaxy S2 could even be facing competition from a Windows Phone 7 as the new Mango update arrives in the fall and what is thought to be the first WP7 Mango handset will no doubt appear at the same time. The HTC Eternity will have a whopping 4.7-inch WVGA Super LCD display, 1.5GHz single-core processor and 8-megapixel camera so again, if Samsung doesn’t release the Galaxy S2 stateside soon this could be another handset that people might think is worth waiting for instead.

One more interesting note is that we recently reported on rumors of a new improved upgraded Galaxy S2 with a 1.4GHz processor, which would run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, although this is not confirmed yet. As said before, that operating system is not due out until later this year. Maybe there’s a very small chance that the current Galaxy S2 that everybody is expecting to appear in the U.S. soon may not come at all? This seems unlikely but it is something to think about.

We don’t know of course, whether the delay of the Galaxy S2 to the US is coming from Samsung or the various carriers concerned but we would say that many of you would appreciate some sort of information from Samsung about a release date. We would have thought that consumers are more likely to wait for something if a release has been confirmed than if they know nothing at all so maybe Samsung should bear this in mind.

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Are you waiting for the US release of the Galaxy S2 and if so, how much longer are you prepared to wait? Do you wish that Samsung would give us more information about a US release date? Let us have your comments on this.

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  • Jacob Walters

    I am willing to wait for the best technology to come out. If Samsung is stupid enough to keep customers waiting, their phone won’t be the best technology anymore. Even if Samsung releases the phone and a better one is close to release, I would wait for it instead.

    Samsung, you failed at marketing this phone. Keeping consumers waiting for months is the very best way to loose revenue.

  • Sinson

    i guess we’ll all just wait.. like we have a choice? The Galaxy S2 is so freaken awesome that I will wait, even till forever….
    thanks Samsung, you have taught me patience.. :-)

  • Josh Cecchini

    I commented on Samsung’s Mobile USA page about the release date for the USA and they said “The GALAXY S II will be launching in the USA soon. We will be sure to keep you updated via this page as more information becomes available.” so hopefully soon is this month not next year lol!

  • Josh Cecchini

    I commented on Samsung’s Mobile USA page about the release date for the USA and they said “The GALAXY S II will be launching in the USA soon. We will be sure to keep you updated via this page as more information becomes available.” so hopefully soon is this month not next year lol!

  • Jeremy Wyrick

    If it’s 4G LTE I will get it. If not, forget about it. I am not going to get locked in with a phone that doesn’t support 4G for another two years. Droid Bionic is starting to look like a better option.

  • Jeremy Wyrick

    Although I do believe that Samsung has the best Hardware compared to any other phone manufacturer.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I’ve been drooling for this Samsung, I’m tired of waiting. I’m with the others - I’m now looking into the Motorola Droid. With all this waiting I’m doing, I’ll have time to research the other new phones coming out, too. By the time it’s out, there will be bigger, better, faster cell phones in the US market where there is so much more competition. You snooze, you lose! Shame on Samsung and the carriers!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Love Samsung’s technology, but detest their marketing strategy, emm… they don’t actually have one.
    They take forever to release an awesome product until it becomes meh
    They keep releasing one product after the other to compete with their earlier release, thereby sabotaging their own products. Wonder if the people in charge of marketing are on thorazine or something.

  • Anonymous

    Since the first Galaxy phone didn’t come out on Sprint until August last year I wasn’t expecting this one to arrive before August this year so I’m waiting until then. If there’s no word by then I’ll be considering my other options, such as the Photon, which should be out this month.

  • j.k.massey

    I Have given up! I will be buying some hanset this week, not sure which one it will be, but i know now that it will not be the Samsung Phone, They let me down with waiting and waiting for an update with their last galaxy s seris, i was willing to give them a second chance for the new galaxy s 2, but no more, I was patient, waited for almost 2 months now!! using one of my old AT&T phones, but i have had it! Samsung, not sure what your deal is, but this waiting game does not make you a better company, and IS helping you to lose money, maybe not alot, but at the very least, my money. Strange, bad, odd, not sure what to call your marketing , but it’s not doing a very good job?!?