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Optimized iPad Facebook App: Arriving Next Week?

July 1, 2021 | Tim Ollason

Since Apple launched the app store, Facebook has been one of the most downloaded apps it has seen. The app on the iPhone is impressively made with pretty much all the features and functionality of the actual website, we are now hearing that finally the optimized iPad Facebook app will perhaps be arriving next week.

This is one of the things that Apple fans have been crying out for since the iPad was released. Nobody really knows why it’s not appeared as many apps that have been made for the iPhone have been updated and optimized for the tablet PC making the functionality better for the bigger screen.

We have heard all sorts of rumors about it recently with one of the biggest ones being that Facebook has hired GeoHot to work on the app. For those of you who aren’t aware of who this guy is, he’s a talented hacker that was one of the first to jailbreak the Apple iPhone and he also hacked his Sony PS3. Following the PS3 hack Sony has dragged him through the courts. The fact that he was one of the first to jailbreak the iPhone means that he certainly knows quite a bit about the device and if you think about the iPad being pretty much a bigger version then we are sure he will be ok.

The other rumor is that he will be working on Project Spartan that we explained in this article. We also previously reported that the app was coming but now we have some additional information on it courtesy of Geeky-Gadgets and their author Roland Hutchinson. He says that Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company will “launch something awesome” next week but he didn’t go into detail about it.

Another source talking about the announcement is Reuters; they make some interesting points about the 500 million strong army of users on Facebook and their actual usage. With the rise of technology and the use of smartphones, Facebook users spend twice as much time using the service from their mobile devices than they do using a PC.

We know that Apple now has more than 100,000 iPad optimized apps on their store but if the iPad version of Facebook can be cracked then we expect it to be the most downloaded and perhaps the most used app on the device. Of course it could be Project Spartan that actually gets launched next week which makes great use of HTML5.

What do you think will be launched by Facebook next week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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