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HTC Desire Gingerbread Update Currently Being Tested

July 1, 2021 | Matt Tran

We have some good news for HTC Desire owners out there who are looking to upgrade their smartphone with the Gingerbread software update. Android 2.3 is currently being tested for the Desire, with a roll out of the update drawing closer. You may remember that HTC initially announced that Desire owners would not be getting Gingerbread, but customer outrage soon changed that.

Tech Radar reports that the Android 2.3 tests on the HTC Desire are in advanced stages with internal testing currently taking place. HTC recently confirmed they are trying the update out by saying “Hi all, we’re excited to share that we are testing our build of Gingerbread for HTC Desire and will start doing quality assurance for it this week.” As we understand it, HTC Desire owners will be getting a slightly lesser version of Gingerbread, compared to what handsets like the HTC Sensation and Evo 3D have got.

As normal HTC could not be pinned down to an exact launch date or time, Eweek Europe reports. If what the Taiwanese based firm are saying is true, then Desire owners should be expected to enjoy that sweet sweet Gingerbread within roughly a few weeks. I do not image that it would take any more than a month for the 2.3 update to be rolled out, but as we know delays are common and very frustrating.

It has been a real adventure for Desire owners in their quest for Gingerbread, having to endure repeated indecisiveness from HTC. The smartphone firm first announced that owners would be getting the update and that was a promise. Next it turned out that due to memory constraints the software upgrade would unfortunately not be rolled out for Desire users. Owners of the high end smartphone were furious and a barrage of complaints were surging HTC’s way.

The huge uprising HTC had on their hands must have worked as no sooner had they said Android 2.3 was not coming, they changed their minds to the relief of owners. HTC had claimed that the Desire would not be able to handle Gingerbread on top of the HTC Sense interface, but surprise surprise a little bit of pressure spurred the manufacturer into action and they found space, performing a stunning u-turn.

More than 80% of Android smartphones run on Eclair 2.1 and Froyo 2.2, with Gingerbread holding a 9.6% share. Google will want to see to it that their fresher newer operating systems are rolled out to as many high end smartphones as possible. It would not be right for a big handset like the Desire to be left stuck on Froyo. Are you happy to wait for the Gingerbread update on your HTC Desire, or do you feel you are being messed around and are ready to look elsewhere?

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  • sam gioskos

    Left HTC already. Bad customer service!