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Latest iPhone 5 Features and Rumors: Infographic Shows

June 30, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Any of you who follow tech news will know that the Apple iPhone 5 continues to be the subject of more rumor and speculation than any other device out there (or not quite out there). We’ve published numerous articles giving our readers all the latest information and now we have news of a new infographic, which nicely sums up all the features and rumors at present for the iPhone 5.

Just a few of our own recent stories about the iPhone 5 include a couple of concept designs, the first video of the iPhone 5 but sadly this one is constructed from fruit and veg, tales of two iPhones due in September, different pricing levels, how successful it should be and rumors of a dual-LED flash so hit the links for more on any of those. Back in March we brought you a different infographic about iPhone 5 rumors but this latest infographic is bang up to date and sums up very neatly just what’s being said right now. You can see the infographic below this story or on the following links.

The iPhone 5 rumor infographic was created by Infographic Labs and brought to our attention by Matthew Panzarino over on TNW, sourced from C4 Universe. Where this infographic differs to most of the rumors out there is that Infographic Labs have collated various rumors over time for the iPhone 5, worked out which are most likely to come true and given odds in percentages for that likelihood. Giving it a quick glance most of the odds given are ones we’d pretty much agree with from rumors and speculation that we’ve reported on. For example we’ve been pretty sure the next iPhone will have an A5 processor, the same as the iPad 2, and the odds of that on this infographic are 100%.

Another subject that we recently explored was whether the iPhone 5 would have 4G LTE and the importance of that to consumers and the odds on LTE support according to the infographic are 50%. Let’s face it that seems pretty reasonable given the fact that we just don’t know at present and there have been less rumblings about this than many of the other new features expected, with some feeling that LTE will not come to the next iPhone but more likely the iPhone after that. The odds on an improved camera of 8-megapixels or more are put at 80% and this does surprise us a little as we’d be pretty amazed if the iPhone camera isn’t improved until at least 8-megapixels this time around and would have put the chances slightly higher. There’s only a 10% chance of the iPhone 5 having a 3D display and we’d certainly agree with that. This is one area that has hardly received any attention, apart from the odd whispers so 10% seems very fair.

It’s certainly a fascinating look at iPhone 5 rumors and the current odds of what might actually appear, so take a look at all the info as there’s much, much more and let us know if you agree with most of the odds worked out, or maybe you’re surprised at some of the percentages given? Send us your comments on this.

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